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Anglia Ruskin Primary PGCE - car sharing?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by jscarter, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. jscarter

    jscarter New commenter

    Amazing, we can take it in turns, that's a weight off my mind! No student parking what a crock!

    Anyone got any idea if we'll get a reading list or anything before we start? Might aswell start buying it now whilst I can still afford it!
  2. I haven't had a reading list or anything yet. The last I heard was that I would be sent some tasks to complete before sept but am not sure what!!! I know someone on the pgce this year and she said they were given 500 pounds of vouchers to use in the uni bookshop..... Hope we get that too!!!
  3. jscarter

    jscarter New commenter

    £500! wow amazing! fingers crossed, although that will probs be cut too... who told you we had tasks to complete? exciting! x
  4. jscarter

    jscarter New commenter

  5. jscarter

    jscarter New commenter

    Hi Guys, ive had a look and cant see that anyone else has done it,
    so ive set up a 2011 primary pgce anglia ruskin facebook group!
    it will be good to get to know each other before the course starts so
    that there will be a few friendly faces on september 12th!!
  6. Hey guys, I am also starting the Primary PGCE in Chelmsford in September. Thanks for setting up the group I was just about to and saw yours! Can't wait for the summer to end already and I only just got my degree result yesterday!!
  7. Hey everyone!!

    I am also on the PGCE (with french!) and am extremely excited!! I am in the process of moving down to Essex ready for Sept 12th. Does anyone want to share a flat or know anyone who has a spare room! I am currently living in cheshire so unfortunately can't commute!!!

  8. Hi Helen,

    well done for getting on the course! I am on the primary PGCE for Sept too - were you at the pre course day last Friday?

    I am married with two boys so sadly can't offer to flat share or use my spare room as I don't have one!!!! Good luck with the search though!


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