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Anglia Ruskin Primary PGCE - anyone had an offer yet?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by djaye14, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. Hi ya!
    I had an interview at ARU Chelmsford just under 2 weeks ago now and still waiting on a decision!
    I interviewed on the 19th January and wondered if anyone from my group has had a decision yet? They told us if we should have one within 2 weeks and it's getting to that point now!
    Just wondering if anyone has been offered a place on the primary course, or if they are just waiting and doing it all together!
    The wait is killing me and I am sure that I havent got in! :(
  2. StarbabyCat

    StarbabyCat New commenter

    Have you called them to ask, hurry them up a bit? I'm not applying btw, just I live literally 1 min from the Chelmo campus, so been reading your posts! Hope you get a place, Chelmo is a brill place to live and know a fair few teachers in the good primary schools round here.
  3. Thanks Starbabycat! I hope I get a place too!
    Noooo I haven't called them! They told me to call if I havent heard anything in 14 days, its now the 12th day so will give them a couple more days lol. I'm just too scared to hear the outcome haha.
    The wait is horrible, but as time goes on I'm feeling more and more positive. My first choice (UEA), only took 6 days to give me an unsuccessful decision, so maybe as ARU are taking longer they may be thinking?! Haha.
    Thing is, I havent heard of anyone else that's been offered a place, so a bit unsure if they've told anyone as yet!
    I want this so much, and I def want to go to Chelmsford! Really wish I put them as my first coz I like it there SO much more! It feels so much like home - I'm currently studying at ARU Cambridge! The uni is a little more modern than ours but I love it so much there!
    I'm going to be living in Ipswich (my home town) which is only 40mins away from there! I know someone who has recently completed the BA Hons course and she done her placement in my old primary school, which is fantastic!

  4. Hi,

    I had an interview on the same day at ARU for the Primary course and am yet to hear back. I must admit I am getting more and more nervous by the day, felt the interview was ok but not the best i could have given so unsure really.

    I graduated in 2009 and had an interview the following November at the UEA. I didn't get in then which knocked my confidence a bit, but reapplied this year after getting a bit more experience in schools (currently work full-time in retail so have been doing one day a week through the autumn term). Fingers crossed this time as I do feel a couple of years older and wiser and more ready for the challenge that is teacher training!

    Best of luck to everyone else who is waiting to hear back!
  5. The more I hear about people taking years out/getting more experience, the less chance I think I have of getting in! :p
    Maybe I should have waited until I graduated?!
  6. Ah yeah pgcehopeful2, think I replied on the other post!

    Has anyone who interviewed at Chelmsford got an offer/decision yet? I know some who interviewed at pboro have started getting theirs!
  7. StarbabyCat

    StarbabyCat New commenter

    You should call them! You've waited long enough! Even if you get an idea how much longer...
  8. pgcehopeful2 has been waiting since November, crazy eh!
    They have started giving offers out now, but unsuccessful ones. But that was only for pboro, havent heard of any chelmo decisions as yet. But surely all their allocations are together? That's what I'm hoping anyway, if I didnt get a unsuccessful decision yesterday then they must be considering me! :D
    Maybe I'll hear tonight! If I don't hear anything by next Thursday (which by then it would be 3 weeks), I will drop them an email. They told me 2 weeks so that's why I'm a little concerned/excited! x
  9. I've just heard that I've got a place so you should hear very soon as yours was a day after mine! Good luck x
  10. Congratulations ginger owl! I'm really nervous now, just noticed it's that time of day so I keep checking lol! x
  11. Thank you! The gttr emails you to stay the status has changed. I have my emails set to go to my phone so got it at work! Started hysterically shaking and couldn't log in as I couldn't type. If you don't hear tonight I'm sure they will let you know Monday :) good luck!
  12. I'm just unsure if being interviewed at Chelmsford makes a difference? I didnt interview at Peterborough!!
    If I don't hear tonight I will email them on Monday. They told me two weeks, so I'm really unsure what to do right now!
    Haha that's the exact same reason I switched off my emails coming through to my phone!!
  13. you will find out soon! maybe contact the uni to see...it cant do any harm. i think there are far more places at chelmsford so fingers crossed :)
  14. Yeah that's what I'm thinking of doing, contacting them Monday.
    I am so confused with all the places. My friend (whos sister in law has applied for the teacher training undergraduate course) got a letter this morning saying ARU have cut that course!!! I can't believe it!!!! So I dunno if Chelmsford are compensating that to have more PGCE people. Is good for me, but not so good for others who have applied for undergrad!
    I am feeling very pessismistic. Coz at first I thought I had a chance of being successful after not getting a rejection so quickly but also only pboro applicants are getting decisions right now, dont even know it Chelmo have started!
    I do have my fingers crossed, thank you for crossing yours for me!
  15. I interviewed at P'boro on 18th Jan, and not heard anything at all??

    Oooh, slightly worried now :(
  16. Don't worry Sammy, that means your being considered :) The declined places went out on thursday last week, they just have a lot of paperwork etc to do before they let people know! Did you interview in the morning or afternoon? xx
  17. Don't worry! I'm still waiting too and interviewed at Chelmsford on 19th Jan.
    Just means they are considering you
  18. aww, no :( keeping my fingers crossed for you xx
  19. Awww thank you Sammy! Thank you everyone! The support means a lot!
    It's not over yet, I could still get in! x
  20. HEY GUYS!

    I GOT IN!!!!!!


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