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Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by paul.wheelerslane, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. <font size="3">Why do people who post on here get so angry? I have looked at and posted on a few forums and have upset to see the way that some people post such negative comments towards others on this site.</font>

  2. Not everyone.
    I agree!
    But there are some people who just love to argue and criticize. And I've come across a lot more people who are very helpful and supportive when I've asked for advice.
  3. I couldn't agree more, well said. It's especially disappointing to think there are such negative (and to be honest sometimes a little spiteful) individuals in our profession. You would hope the nature of the job would make them more diplomatic and considerate when offering a difference of opinion!
  4. ' You would hope the nature of the job would make them more diplomatic and considerate.'
    Well, yes. But it also gives some insight into why the profession is in the state it's in....
  5. In the past I have suggested that this forum should be more supportive; most of the OPs are in need of help, support and encouragement, which, to be fair, is usually given. However, what often happens then is that someone will chip in with some criticism of one of the contributors which can then hijack the discussion.
    There are people who, though not exactly trolls, will nonetheless make deliberately provocative or dismissive comments and / or nit pick the minutiae of other posts, demanding proof or substantiation of some detail or another. They like nothing better than when you respond to the provocation so that they can 'enjoy' a good argument or wind-up or, worse, have the chance to assert their acerbic wit or dismissive put downs.
  6. What does my tree in more than anything on TES, has to be corrections on spelling and grammar!
    It specifically says on the rules that users should not correct other people's spelling and/or grammar!
    k, if ppl tk lyk ths i can sea it bcums anoyin.
    But if it's one small error, why bother!
  7. I'm not sure which of the above 3 responses I like the most but all made me chuckle. When reading some of the activity on here by those less positive individuals it makes me think of type of thing they talk about happening on Facebook on 'The Jeremy Kyle Show'.........On the grammar front I would also like to apologise for my lack of paragraphs in case it's annoying, even though it's laid out that way in my response it reworks itself into one long stream when I post. Apparently something to do with my browser, I'm a technological idiot so I have no idea how to change that on my iMac!!!! I will instead continue to accidentally irritate!
  8. Thank you all for your responses. I am happy that there are other people out there who want to help other.
    I believe stongly in managing behaviour and have seen amazing outcome with difficult students from all types of background.
    This is normally because members of staff both teachers and non-teachers have taken time to encourage and motive students.
  9. 'This is normally because members of staff both teachers and non-teachers have taken time to encourage and motive students..'
    I feel very strongly that when there is a good outcome, staff solidarity with each other has more to do with it than anything else.
  10. YesMrBronson

    YesMrBronson New commenter

    I think most people on here are supportive. It's disapointing when some posters are so unhelpful with their posts.
  11. I'd agree that the forum would be nicer if posters stuck to the topic at hand instead of resorting to dirty debating tactics - ad hominems for example.
    I don't agree with the notion that the forum would be more 'positive' if we all just 'agreed to disagree'. I don't think it is at all negative to question the points raised in other contributions, the forum is at its best when serious debate is generated from some of the issues raised.
    PS - Some prominent voices are blaming the global credit crunch on the culture of positive thinking.

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