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anger issues lower ks2

Discussion in 'Primary' started by alphabite, Oct 23, 2015.

  1. alphabite

    alphabite New commenter

    I have a child in lower key stage 2 who has massive anger issues. He strops, stamps, scrunches up his face, has hit other children, shouts in their faces etc. Counselling can't start until after Xmas (waiting list). There are no background issues that have led to this and the same behaviour is being seen at home. The GP won't do a cahms referral so I have to put things in place as his teacher. Any ideas? He doesn't seem to get along with any of the other children and is deeply unhappy most of the time. Unfortunately this is worse when his behaviour gets worse. He hates being told off and wants to please but can't control himself for more than a short time. Help!
  2. alphabite

    alphabite New commenter

    Forgot to say ed physc and cahms from a school perspective won't happen until we see how the counselling goes. It's a while till that starts though and every day is difficult for him, me and his peers.

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