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Android phone infected with....?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by nixmith, Oct 2, 2018.

  1. nixmith

    nixmith Established commenter

    I think I must have downloaded an app that's caused my phone to periodically throw up adverts.

    Most often when I use wattsapp, however sometimes they just popup when I put in my passcode.

    Full screen ads, some with sound, I have to find the little x to get rid & its getting annoying.

    Early research by me just keeps leading to: back up contacts and do a reset.... however, I would rather avoid that.

    Any I.T. people out there suggest a different solution?

    P.S. It's a Samsung 6 edge, about two years old.
  2. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    Download AVG. you’ve definitely got a scam app that is parasiting onto WhatsApp. AVG will scan and remove the pop up app.
  3. colpee

    colpee Star commenter

    Found this -must be worth a try:

    There's a possibility these ads may be caused by a Google Play Store setting that's normally off by default but may have inadvertently been activated and is now causing this problem.

    Open the Google Play Store app and then open the three-bar menu on the left side of the search bar. Select Settings > Notifications and make certain that the option for "Deals and Promotions" is NOT selected. As noted, this is a setting that is normally off by default, but sometimes something goes awry and it gets turned on.
  4. nixmith

    nixmith Established commenter

    Thanks for the advice.

    I have tried colpees one first and that 'deals promotios' was on. I am hoping that fix works - but if not I will try AVG.

    Many thanks.

    I will feedback tomorrow.
  5. dumpty

    dumpty Star commenter

    You can open in safe mode, go to the apps or downloads section and normally you will find the culprit there - just delete as normal.

    The opening in safe mode for Samsungs is on youtube....along lines of pressing power button and volume for ten seconds.
  6. FrankWolley

    FrankWolley Star commenter

    I have the same phone (but not, as yet, the same problem). I'd try colpee's suggestion (post #3). Also go to Settings - then Notifications and go through the apps and block all notifications...

    PS A quick search also showed this...might help: https://support.t-mobile.com/thread/141442

    NB I have 'Avast Mobile Security' fitted, which is free.

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