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And so the journey begins...

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Aime, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. Aime

    Aime New commenter

    Hello, I am starting my primary PGCE on Monday. I am nervous, scared and excited all rolled into one. I am doubting myself and my ability, but deep down i know that i will survive. I think its the 'unknown' and lots of other posts detailing how tough the next year or so is going to be that is playing on my mind.

    How is everyone else feeling in the wake of their PGCE?

    Good Luck to you all on the bumpy,but (hopefully) enjoyable journey ahead!
  2. hi,
    I feel exactly the same, I feel so nervous but I hope that once the course starts things will be much clearer and my nerves will disappear. Enjoy the weekend before the madness begins x
  3. I am feeling the same. I think after the first two weeks things will become more settled as we get into the PGCE routine.
  4. I start on Monday and I am feeling exactly the same, excited but mostly nervous about meeting new people and hoping I am good enough. I am absolutely terrified if truth be told. I know I will be OK, but somehow I just don't believe it. It's all a bit overwhelming at the moment! Good luck everyone, we'll be fine! (I hope!)
  5. I also start on Monday and am panicking that I haven't done enough reading!!! Is anyone else feeling the same? I've bought 6 of the recommended books and read a little of all of them but haven't done any in depth reading or note taking. Argh!!!!
  6. I started on Monday. Yes, it's scary and intimidating and there is a lot to handle on all sorts of different levels. But it really is going to be worth it. We can do this :D
  7. Aime

    Aime New commenter

    I am glad to hear that it isnt just me who is panicking!! We wouldnt be on the course if the interviewers thought we were anything less than capable... well thats what i keep telling myself! :)
  8. Hi,
    I also start my primary PGCE tomorrow and feel exactly the same as you! I could have written the original post word for word! But I am sure we will all be fine, like you say, the interviewers must have seen some potential in us!
    Good luck to everyone starting their PGCE this week.
  9. MiddyRed68

    MiddyRed68 New commenter

    I start next Monday and feel exactly the same as you! I'm sure that once we get started we will all feel better. Good luck on the journey !
  10. I'm not that nervous.... just HUGELY excited!! I've been working towards this for so long and it's finally coming true! I'm not worried about not having read enough as I only got sent the reading list at the end of last week, they cannot SERIOUSLY be expecting me to have read all the books in a week! :p I met my mentor (I'm in a SCITT) and the rest of the dept already at the end of last term so I'm not worried about that either.

    Bring it on!

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