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Ancient Greek - Years 6 Class novel

Discussion in 'Primary' started by emmajanethwaites, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. Hi, can anyone recommend a class novel that would link with the Ancient Greeks?

  2. quietlydetermined

    quietlydetermined New commenter

    The Percy Jacksons always go down well
  3. KelRilon

    KelRilon New commenter

  4. intime

    intime New commenter

    I'd read lots of the myths, especially The Odyssey.
  5. teslagirls1

    teslagirls1 New commenter

    There are some fab Tony Robinson Greek myths including one on Odysseus which is great and some graphic novels see http://olympiansrule.com which might well hook children in
  6. ashlaura

    ashlaura Occasional commenter

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