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Ancient Greece theme

Discussion in 'Primary' started by jackie7890, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I am teaching Ancient Greeks to Year 4. QCA units 14 and 15 highlight the basic requirements for coverage of Ancient Greeks, although it looks like your doing most of that. We are also adding in a Greek food tasting session, creating our own garlands, Greek outfits and performing a play. From a history perspective we will be focusing on the things the Ancient Greeks did for us - trial by jury, democracy, theatre etc.

    We are also doing an archaeological dig for evidence, looking at the reliability of other evidence (as Spartans didn't used to write) and acting out the battles including the Battle of Troy.

    There are some good Olympics resources on Hamilton Trust, but also on here (including planning) if you search resources.

    Good luck.

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