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ancient egypt/ stories with historical settings

Discussion in 'Primary' started by merlymoo, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. My topic work next term is Ancient Egpyt and one of the Literacy units is Stories with historical settings, has anyone got any good suggestions for texts to use or links to any planning?
    Many thanks.
  2. My topic work next term is Ancient Egpyt and one of the Literacy units is Stories with historical settings, has anyone got any good suggestions for texts to use or links to any planning?
    Many thanks.
  3. sirenne

    sirenne New commenter

    I've got a document which suggests the following novels:
    Princess of Egypt (My Story): An Egyptian Girl's Diary, 1490 BC (My Story) by Vince Cross (Author) In 1490 BC Asha, daughter of King Tuthmosis lives a carefree life at the royal court in Thebes. But when a prophecy foretells that 'a young woman will prove to be the best man in the Two Kingdoms', she's caught up in a world of plots and danger.
    The Time-travelling Cat by Julia Jarman (Author) Topher's cat, Ka, is not always who she seems to be. Sometimes she disappears for days and all that Ka has left by his bedside is a little stone carving of a cat. One days Ka leaves a clue on Topher's computer. She types Bubastis and soon Topher finds himself time-travelling to Ancient Egypt where Ka is in terrible danger. Julia Jarman's characters are acutely observed from real life -- she manages to introduce contemporary issues such as single-parent families and disability and blends them with historical fact and fantasy in this fast-paced novel. With Ancient Egypt high on the agenda in National Curriculum History, this book is already much in demand with children, teachers and librarians.
    by Julia Jarman (Author)
    Topher and his father are trying to get over the death of Topher's mother, an Egyptologist, when they take in a stray cat. This cat bears an uncanny resemblance to a cat ornament given to Topher by his mother and so they name it 'Ka', meaning 'double'. Topher becomes very attached to Ka and is puzzled by her mysterious absences. One day, when he is playing a computer game with an Egyptian theme, Ka jumps on the keys and spells out the name Bubastis, which was the centre of cat worship in Ancient Egypt. Could Ka really be leading a double life and what is she trying to tell Topher?
    There's a Pharaoh in Our Bath! by Jeremy Strong (Author), Nick Sharratt (Illustrator) 'I want a roast hippopotamus stuffed with figs and dates, three lots of French fries, no ketchup - and a slice of birthday cake'. The Pharaoh glared at Mr Lightspeed. 'You are nothing but a small worm', he added. Then he sank unconscious into a puddle'. Tony Lightspeed is always bringing home sick and injured animals, so when he turns up with an unconscious man dressed from head to foot in rather stinky bandages, his family aren't too surprised. But then they discover that the man is an Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh named Sennapod, who has been dead for over 4,000 years. Brought back to life by two dastardly grave robbers, Sennapod is on the run. Can he persuade the Lightspeeds to help him?
    Egyptian Adventure (Captain Fact) by Richard Platt (Author), David Parkins (Illustrator)The year is 1465 BC and Nakht's family is moving from their village to Memphis. Alongside him, we explore this bustling Egyptian city: visiting the craftsmen's workshops; watching a burial ritual; learning how the land is farmed, how houses are built and how to fish and hunt. Most thrilling of all, Nakht and his sister, Tamyt, witness a tomb robbery in the pyramids, and end up meeting the king of Egypt (who happens to be a woman!). Don't ask me where I got it from cos I can't for the life of me remember! I should also say thank you to the original author if they're reading this :)
    Hope this helps,
  4. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    Not sure what year you've got, but I have used "The Scarab's Secret" - forgot the author, with Year 3/4 in the past. It's a picture book, but the children really liked it. They struggled with the Time Travelling Cat.
  5. I agree, I mainly used the Time Travelling Cat with high ability Year 4 for guided reading although did use some extracts for vocab etc . The Terry Deary Egyptian tales books are simple and short enough to read quickly. Even my low ability Year 3 managed them with support.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions.
    My class are Y 3-4 mostly low ability.
  7. Just bought the scarabs secret. Anyone willing to share plans using this text? My brain is in xmas mode and any help would be appreciated.
  8. I have a unit plan - leave an email and I'll forward it. Have done to lots of other Tessers - if you do a search, you'd be able to find a fair bit of chat on this book.
  9. Yes please I'd love a copy
    thanks for sharing!
    Kat x
  10. Please can I jump on the band wagon and have a copy of your planning too. Am really struggling to find suitable texts for my y4 class. Many thanks in anticipation!
  11. Hi. Was wondering if I could get a copy of this unit plan please. Would be a great help as a starting point with this unit over Christmas.
    Many thanks in advance.
  12. talulabell

    talulabell New commenter

    could i have a peak please. Thankyou in advance
  13. Sorry - I keep leaving my memory stick at home (end of term forgetfulness!). I will mail to all those interested tonight.
    Sorry for being slow!
  14. Elby

    Elby New commenter

    I know this must be annoying but i've just bought this book too so would love to see your plans!!

    If you (or anyone else that recieves it) could forward it to me i'd be very grateful!!

    tiggerpigletpooh@hotmail.com (really sorry about the very sad email address!!!)
  15. Nothing wrong with Wiine The Pooh email addresses, although Eeyore will feel sadly neglected! Could you forward the unit to danwoodrow@lineone.net if it comes through please - I've just bought the book too!

    Thank you!
  16. HI there

    Could I please have a look at the plans please

    My email is sparkle1978@live.com

    thanks very much in advance

  17. Sorry GNOMES, I'm sure you've been busy having a well deserved rest but if you could email your plan I would be VERY grateful
  18. Sorry to keep adding to the numbers but I also would be very greatful for a copy of your plans.Thanks very much in advance!


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