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An outstanding lesson for OCR nationals Unit 1

Discussion in 'Science' started by lhorsman85, May 19, 2011.

  1. My head teacher has very kindly volunteered our school to be in the pilot for the new ofsted framework (!). We have been told that they will be coming before the summer holidays.
    I teach rather a lot of OCR nationals and all three of my year 10 classes are doing unit 1 best practice in science.
    Has anyone got an example of an outstanding lesson in any of the assessment objectives?
    I have been observed a couple of times teaching the OCR nationals and always get "satisfactory learning and good teaching".
    I would really appreciate anyones help.
  2. I really feel for you on this. In our school nobody has ever been got higher than a satisfactory for learning, when teaching OCR Nationals. It is something about the course and has led to questions about its validity and promting a move to BTEC.
    However if the big 'O' were coming I would concentrate on AO3 and AO4. Why not set up a series of practicals where they have to identify a range of substances. You could do flame tests, cation and anion tests and a titration to meet the quantative component. This then could be written as a neat report. Students could work in groups and keep the pressure up as they have to finish in the hour or the suspect (thinking unit 3 here too) is released as there is no evidence.
    It is such a difficult task with ocr as how you differentiate between 'basic level of competence, competence and high level of competence' when your following a protocol?

    Good luck and let us know what happened.


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