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An NQT at end of year extension after 16 month supply limit

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by treespirit, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    I just wanted to discover if anyone else was in this position and what they are doing now or did. I have spoken to my supply agency and they do not want to lose me- however they have said that they can still have me working in schools as an instructor or a HLTA and still pay me the same until an inductable position arises. Is this legal? Obviously I am tempted because otherwise I shall be scraping by on unemplyment benefit until I get a contract.
    Many thanks
  2. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    The new 5 year allowance may only apply to new NQTs.
    It is perfectly legal to for a teacher to be placed in a school as a TA, an HLTA or a Cover Superviser. No active teaching is supposed to take place. You can't be employed as an Unqualified Teacher (LAs have an Unqualified Teacher payscale) as you are qualified.
    Contact the LA advisor for your speacialism and ask to be kept informed about schools they hear about that need someone for at least a term's length (Maternity Cover etc) so that you can approach the school and have a chance of being taken on and completing some Induction.
  3. Too right it may. I too am in the position of having to seek an extension soon. I have made enquiries with four LAs where I have been teaching. At one of them, the only person I could speak to was a total "computer-says-no" type bureaucrat who had no idea what I was talking about and just kept repeating that she could neither help me nor attempt to find anyone who had any sense. So in the end I gave up and rang the school in that LA area where I had taught several times: the head teacher was very helpful, knew who to contact in the LA, and got that person to grant me the extension. Then another bureaucrat in a different LA explained that I would have done better to wait till the 16 months ended and get the extra year to start from then. Hopefully the 5-year thing will sort it out. If it doesn't, we will have to take a case to the European Court or something because we are suffering discrimination for being in England instead of Wales.
  4. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    I sent an email last thursday to the Department of dumbing down, formerly known as Education to ask when will the results of the consultation will be annouced, so hopefully there will be some good news for the NQT's whose time as expired or is due to expire, if the Department listens to the unions abd the suggestion that there needs to be some form of provision for those who are or have ran out of time.
  5. Really glad to hear others are as disgruntled as myself. It is truly a daft rule x
  6. girlychemist

    girlychemist New commenter

    Me too! I got QTS in 2006 and have been on supply ever since. I've had 3 (simultaneous) extensions with 3 different LEAs so I could work in them all. I've completed 2 terms of my NQT and I'm now in the long term work only situation. One agency has offered me work as a Cover Supervisor which I haven't as yet taken but I have done FE work. I'm very down about it all. I've got great references. I just seem to be locked in to supply [​IMG]
  7. Just contact Select Education..... they still pimped me out, despite me running out of legal points.

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