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An alternative to potatoes please?

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by perriwinkle, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. perriwinkle

    perriwinkle New commenter

    My mother is coming for Christmas and bringing her multiple food issues with her. Apologies in advance, I can feel a rant rapidly approaching.......

    I hate to sound insensitive, but she really is her own worst enemy, and will frequently eat things that she knows will cause her to have "problems"........and we have to suffer the consequences!!!

    She had gastric surgery a few years ago to remove a tumour, but has had issues with food for many, many years. I have a few things I can't eat, so just avoid them and I have tried many times to gently suggest she avoids her trigger foods, but she just ignores all I say. Each time we see her she tells me "I've realised I can't eat xyz......." but that only lasts until the next meal when she will contradict all she has said.

    In the past, I have just let her get on with it and felt if she were prepared to make herself ill then it was her doing, but it really is very unpleasant to live with and she is coming to stay with my family for nearly a week!!!

    ANYWAY, (sorry rant over now) what can I put on her plate on Christmas Day?! I have decided that I will take control by only offering hopefully suitable foods......honestly, it's worse than feeding a small child!!!

    Thank you for bearing with me on this. All suggestions welcome!
  2. Without knowing her danger foods then it's hard to suggest, can you give us no go areas?
  3. perriwinkle

    perriwinkle New commenter

    Chillie....I just wish I knew myself........can't do potatoes, or much rice or pasta. Can't do dairy. Can't do lettuce or similar veg. Can't do garlic, onions or similar families. But as I said, none of the above will stop her. And she does like to change her view point depending on what's on offer.....will decline milk chocs but gorge on dark! 'Tis lovely :(

    Have planned to do a traditional turkey roast as there are 10 of us including lots of Mr P's family, hence my anxiety.
  4. ok so no to normal potatoes, how about sweet potatoes or are they a no no too? if you can't do potatoes that can be a bit difficult.

    what can she eat that is included in the traditional roast turkey dinner?
  5. Sweet potatoes roasted are glorious, as it butternut squash. To be honest, why not just prepare what you'd normally do and she can pick and choose what she wants. I'm veggie and people worry about me when cooking roast for Christmas dinner but I love everything that goes with roast. If I have some veggie gravy, a pile of roast veg and some yorkshires - I'm a happy girl and don't at all miss the meat.
    Alternatively let her know what you'll be cooking and suggest she brings something extra if she needs it. I'm more than happy to bring something to stick in the oven if everyone I am eating with is gorging on meat. If she has so many problems, she needs to be the one taking responsibility for her food. Ordinarily you'd want to be flexible for her but if she changes her mind all the time, I can't see the point.
  6. think the point was that the OP didn't want her mum choosing inappropriate food that would upset her. Mum sounds a bit naughty and knows what he shouldn't eat but goes ahead.

    I am veggie too Beestoni and my mum gets in such a flap but i say I will eat all the other bits not just meat.
  7. She's not a baby, if she wants to make herself ill by not being clear what she can and can't eat or making sensible choices then allocate her one loo which no-one else has to go into.
  8. trelassick

    trelassick New commenter

  9. Isn't gnocchi got potato in it? Or am i imagining it?
  10. Do the normal dinner.
    Let her eat what she wants.
    Let her suffer the consequences.
    Say "Oh dear what a shame, is there anything I can do to help?" while she suffers and remember it's only for a week.
    My mother was exactly the same about keeping off her legs and part of it was not wanting to look like a cripple and put everyone else out. Perhaps your Mum wants to maintain as "normal" a diet as possible and not give trouble - although I'm sure you'd do whatever it took cheerfully - so my advice would be to grit your teeth and let her choose how she lives her life and just mop up the consequences after her.

  11. perriwinkle

    perriwinkle New commenter

    Thank you all for your replies and suggestions. Am currently watching Grumpy Old Women at Christmas and it seems I'm not alone with the mother issues......LOL

    You are all correct, she should take responsibility, but chooses not to and laughs about the impact of the consequences which makes it so unbearable.......it really annoys my OH and even my daughter has commented recently (she's 6) and that's what makes me so cross.

    Have decided I'm going to "dish up" rather than use serving dishes on the table, and do sweet potatoes as an option so hopefully that will be fine.

    I'm really sorry, I know it sounds as if I'm a real control freak and unkind ogre of a daughter, but there are SO many other issues, and this is just the tip of the iceberg but it really does cause a lot of upset.

    Will take up the suggestion of providing her with her own bathroom though and don't think we'll bother with sprouts - that really would be pushing it too far!!! ;)

    Hope you all have an enjoyable time.....Px
  12. If you were still looking for any inspiration, we have roast Celeriac instead of roast Pots here, done the same as roast pots, just not par-boiled first. Or just a selection of other root veggies roasted (carrot, turnip, swede (not actually tried that one ourselves), beetroot alongside fennel sometimes). If you can get 'unusual' carrots and beetroots its even better (ie different colours). Roast them with an acid and an oil, ie a vinegar and some oil (I do a selection, like balsamic vinegar and rape oil, white wine vinegar and sunflower oil, celementine juice and olive oil etc) and they are *lush*.

    Hope that helps, have a lovely Xmas :)

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