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Amusing pub quiz team name

Discussion in 'Personal' started by found nemo, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. My brain is addled from vodka + unusually late night. I need a pub quiz team name for myself and two other female friends in the next hour. ANy suggestions?
  2. My brain is addled from vodka + unusually late night. I need a pub quiz team name for myself and two other female friends in the next hour. ANy suggestions?
  3. My brother in law always uses:

    Norfolk Enchants
  4. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    There are loads of common ones...

    Piston Broke is the only one I can remember though!

  5. Norfolk n Good
  6. Quiz Team Aguilera (say it aloud for full effect)

    or for the not so classy

    Quiz on my face!
  7. Whilst at uni my team's name was "What do those nice guys at the end of the bar think about the question master?"

    Whenever our team's name was called out we would all shout at the top of our voices "**** all!"

    After the first couple of rounds he got very annoyed about it- especially as the rest of the SU Bar joined in with us.... When this went on for the whole term he REALLY hated us!


    ps Another name used was "Luke at that speed do you think we'll be able to pull out in time?" Generally any smutty innuendo from a 'cult' film works well
  8. The Foolish Virgins?
  9. A team at uni (circa 1994) called themselves the Kawasaki **** band. Still amuses me to this day.
  10. The Jolly Rogers?
  11. 'And in fifth place'

    Always certain to confuse the caller.
  12. Four non-mathematicians.
  13. Clitoris allsorts
  14. bbibbler

    bbibbler New commenter

    We were always"The Tipsy Pixies"

    My sister is not tall
  15. flat_in_5th

    flat_in_5th New commenter

    my sons team (honest) called themselves 'my breasts' so that when the results were called - 'in third place, my breasts'!!!!
  16. It takes alot to tempt me to post

    I like to use "What's got 90 ball and screws little old ladies?" At which point we all shout BINGO!

    See I told you I was funny.

    Other ones we tossed around were

    "Last Quizmas I gave you my heart"
    "The Incredible Mr Sausage and his Cunning Stunts" (Team of one chap and three ladies)
    "Last Orders at the Bar"
    "I have to be honest, I just don't like black people"
  17. Universally Challenged...
  18. spokeydokey

    spokeydokey New commenter

    A pub quiz I went to for a while used to give a round of drinks for the best team name, hence I used the internet for a list of good 'uns! Here you go:

    "If a quiz is quizzical then what is a test?"

    "Speak shy tall knight"

    ?Liquor and poker?

    ?The Four canals?

    ?Wafty Crankers?

    ?The Cunning Linguists?

    "i only came in for a p*ss"

    ?The Three Must Get Beers?

    ?Gin?ll fix it?

    ?Never Been Quizzed?

    ?Up Jacob?s Creek without a paddle?

    ?Does Grey Matter??

    ?E for Idiot?

    ?One wheel short of a unicycle?

    ?Les Quizarables?

    ?We thought it was a disco?

    ?Scooby Dooby Don?t?

    ?Oh no, my pen?s running ou??

    ?Pre Mensa Tension?

    ?Don Kiddick?

    ?I?m not a gynaecologist but I?ll have a look?

    ?The Master Debaters?
  19. 'Hoof Hearted' is currently a favourite among my friends.
  20. The waterproof watches
    (We had a midwife and a gynaecologist on the team)

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