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Amount of Responsibility for M5

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Grace3784, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. First time using this but up to my eyeballs in work and wondering if the amount i'm given is ok.
    I'm on M5 so haven't passed threshold.
    I teach fulltime 5 days per week. Coordinate PSHE incl. trying to get our Healthy Schools Audit, History, geography, Religion, School Council. Off Site Visits Cordinator. I'm also being hinted to take over Eco Council to get a bronze award flag.
    Is this just what happens when you work in small schools and some staff don't help out?
    Also, if I do take over Eco Council, can i merge it with School Council? Any ideas of a new name? Apart from 'Pupil Voice'?
  2. Hi there,
    I too am M5 - also in a small school and our situations sound remarkably similar. I am the Literacy Co-ordinator, Shadow Numeracy Co-ordinator, MFL Co-ordinator, Teaching & Learning Co-ordinator, Choir Leader, Netball Coach, I run a brass group & am a member of SMT. I am also the SENCo, and recieve the SEN allowance for this.
    I think in smaller schools (although ours is nearly 150 now) this is quite common!
    Your idea for merging school council with eco council sounds good - ours works on a similar line, and now most of the recycling in school is organised and engineered by the children.
  3. I'm main scale in a small school too - I lead 5 subjects, am the staff governor,Visits coordinator and an NQT mentor. I'm part time ... heaven knows whatit would be like if I went full time!!!
  4. FenellaF

    FenellaF New commenter

    Hi, I've just completed out Healthy Schools audit if you want to have a skeg to see...sorry it's not very helpful, I know sometimes it's easier to see a completed one to get some ideas.
    Email me if you do.

  5. I am also M5 in a small school. I am on SMT, KS1 and FS co-ordinator, ICT, Science co-ordinator. I mentor an NQT and have a PGCE student atm. I am CP officer, staff governor, First aider at work....and everything else! think it is just the way it is in a small school...but I always think it is a good thing even though it sometimes feels like a lot!
  6. I feel bad now seeing that you're doing maths and literacy!!!
    Thanks for replying. Great to get someone else's opinion.
    Guess this is the common situation :(
  7. Thanks so much but have just finished it and sent to head to fill in 1 blank!

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