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Among my correspondence today

Discussion in 'Personal' started by modelmaker, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. modelmaker

    modelmaker Occasional commenter

    i received a letter from a water company yesterday reminding me i owed them £128.
    An oversight I intend to deal with as soon as I can, probably Monday now. My best guess is that it occured since we get 2 water bills from different compamies. One for the water we drink and one for the water we'd prefer not to. One was paid, the other overlooked.
    So, the best part of a year later, I get a reminder, and in the post with it comes a letter from a debt chasing company asking for the same amount.
    And this morning I took a call from a stroppy kid demanding I made an arrangement to pay the outstanding sum of £560 she claimed I owed. It took a while to extract from her that she didn't work for the water company but for Credit Solutions, whoever they might be.
    I assured her had no intention of paying £560 for a debt of £128 and in return she said she'd register as a refusal to pay the debt.
    This is the world we live in these days. The world of legalised rip off merchants who do *** all than prey on those in debt, lie about the extent of the debt as they inclue their fees and expect therewill be sufficient gulible folk to make it worth their while.
    Clearly there are or these companies wouldn't exist.

  2. I know what you mean. Again, an oversight, I accidently paid one credit card twice, in December, andthe other not at all. Something like 20 phone calls a day, since, and I've been ill in bed, s o nothing I can do about it here and now anyway, most of the calls are silent, and the others don't result in any dialog, as the callers try and insist I first give them personal details over the phone, to get through"security", which I won't do on an incoming call. I have contacted the card separatly, and siad I will deal with it when I am well enough to, but still thecalls keep coming! I'm hardly even made it into school recently, let alone an extra journey into town over a quibble about £18!
  3. We are currently waiting for the next round with one such company, also demanding £550, for a store card last used 12 years ago.
    We all know they are chasing a defunct debt but they have a reputation for persistance. Climber has about 7 letters lined up ready to go, all from Consumer Watch(??).
    We won't pay, they can threaten all they like. Actually, tomorrow sees their own deadline for supplying us with specifics pass! Maybe the first letter was enough!
  4. colpee

    colpee Star commenter

    You refuseniks are right but before all is over, make sure you check your credit rating is not affected. It costs a couple of quid to get a copy.
  5. Crowbob

    Crowbob Lead commenter

    How much would you be willing to pay for the &pound;128 that <u>you</u> forgot to pay?
  6. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    we have had a few 'calls' one wanted &pound;29.99 a month direct debit to join a scheme to ensure i got entered for unclaimed prize giveaways.and for 3 months to ensure i got a fair chance of winning.
    Another claimed they would cut my bills...but wanted all my debit card details so that they could set it up after the intitial month's trial was over
    Another told me i had entered for solar power enquiry.and do you realise you can be making money off the goverment.
    This is beside the myriad of calls still flogging PPI and other assorted products including charities and utilities..and this sis depite registering for that phone thingy which is supposed to stop such calls,and i cant even blame it on indain call centres as these are 'english'calls.I even had a call on the mobile the other day demending money in german!
    As to credit cards the only time i have heard from them is when i owe money..the coop is the worst with 5-10 calls a day if you have missed a payment...often automated calls at lall times of the day and night!
  7. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    When blazer major finished uni the only job he could get was working for a debt collecting agency. Basically his job was to work on behalf of certain clients (Mobile phone companies were the norm but sometimes utility companies or hotel chains). Most of the people he chased were business clients or occassioanlly Premiership footballers! His job was to get back the largest proportion of the debt possible. These were often long outstanding debts for many thousands of pounds. Because of the large costs in going through the courts his bosses would be pleased if he could cut a deal with the debter and get back 50% of the original debt which he often did. His biggest 'catch' was getting a large manufacturing company to stump up the half a million quid they owed a steel supplier in full! He was also on a bonus for every &pound; over his target that he got back and so would try to get the most advantageous deal for his client.
  8. O2 are pretty annoying. I had a problem with my account and I was told to cancel my direct debit and pay the next one manually - when I went to set it up again there was all sorts of bother as the phone account is not in my name and the person who's name it is in doesn't exist in my life any more so can't actually confirm any changes... (if I ever defaulted on the account they'd be chasing him, not me...) but that aside, after I did finally get the direct debit reset up they forgot to do something at their end and the money was never taken from the account (even though all the paperwork and online info said the direct debit was set up etc)... so this now becomes my fault (bill due on 25 Dec) I didn't realise the DD didn't come out on 27 Dec (next working day when amount supposed to come out) 28 Dec I am in London, the night before boarding a flight to NY - I start to get txt messages telling me bill overdue... I call them, tell them I'll get it sorted, they note my file and I think that'll be the end of it... no, an hour later another txt message... so I pay it immediately as I don't want txt messages coming in when I am in NY... but does paying the bill actually stop the messages - NO, for another 3 days I keep getting messages saying bill is overdue and must be paid immediately or else.... I check online and bill is cleared - nothing owing... finally the payment catches up with the txt messages and it is sorted, but very annoying... given this was all the result of a problem at their end (which they admitted).
  9. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Now Mrs MSB is self-employed she routinely has to chase up unpaid invoices. Her late payers are usually schools and LEAs.
  10. I got into a huge financial mess when I first moved out of home. It all came to a head when my mum pretended to be me (the garage I leased my car from had contacted me to tell me my car was going to be repossessed). Unfortunately I was ill at the time (the reason I had had to move out) and went into denial and only paid my rent. Some bills hadn't been paid for 6 months and those companies were really good at sorting out a plan for me so I could pay it all back. However, one of them had only been for 1 or 2 months - when I tried to contact them to arrange a plan they said there was nothing they could do as it was only a couple of months. Their suggestion was that I wait another 6 months without paying and then they would be able to work something out!

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