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ammonia as alkali - and OH ions help needed

Discussion in 'Science' started by wlaverty, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. wlaverty

    wlaverty New commenter

    OK, I might have solved this for myself but maybe someone can advise.

    Is ammonia an alkali just because when it dissolves in water it produces OH ions?

    If so why then is the formula for it not NH4+ (aq) as this is the alkali (ammonium) whereas NH3+ (g) is the base?

  2. wlaverty

    wlaverty New commenter

    I've sorted it out it was a terminology problem. All clear now.
  3. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    Difficult to write with the minmal formatting options available here.
    Ammonia gas (pure compound) has the formula NH3.
    It has a lone pair.
    In water H2O dissociates, H+ to NH3 making NH4+,leaving OH-.
    It only happens a small amount so ammonia is a weak base.
  4. chemroger

    chemroger New commenter

    You are unsure about the chemistry of ammonia but are lead teacher of chemistry.
    How can you lead this subject if you don't know this?
    Sorry but I find this really worrying.
  5. what chemroger says
  6. Seconded but unfortunately far too common these days.

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