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American idiots and thugs

Discussion in 'Personal' started by davidmu, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. davidmu

    davidmu Occasional commenter

    Have you seen that 2000 elderly passengers on a cruise were made to stand for up to 7hrs to pass through immigration at Los Angeles. When an elderly lady asked to go to the bathroom she was told to do it over the side. No wonder Americans are hated, they get what they deserve.
  2. blazer

    blazer Star commenter


    To be honest nothing surprises me where the US @homeland security' are concerned. having gone through their immigration at least 8 times I have learned not to joke or even comment on the weather. They seem to recruit people with zero personality and zero sense of humour.

    I have taken school groups to the US on 3 occassions. We drill the kids about taking it seriously, listening to what is being said and answering politly. Even this does not help.

    2 years back when you still had to fill in that wonderful green form one of the 14 year old kids was asked 'What is the purpose of your visit'. He replied 'Pleasure'. The same question was on the green form and had a choice of two answers, business or pleasure. So he gave the answer on the form. Iwas queueing waiting my turn when this woman who was dealing with him started to shreik and rant at him! I made a step forward and another officer told me to stand still while placing his hand on his gun! The ranting went of for a minute or so and then I was called over. The woman then went on to rant at me about not teaching my students on how to cross an international border! Fibnally when she shut up I was able to ask what was the problem. Apparentl 'pleasure' was not the correct answer. I pointed out that there was only a chioce of two and we were not there for business. I then had to explain that we were a school group on an educational visit. Apparently this was the answer she required!

    Meanwhile an entire Jumbo full of passengers had been processed while she was having her little pantomime. Well an entire Jumbo except 2. Another official was confused by identical twins in my group. He had spent the entire time it took to process the plane staring at these two very identical girls who confusingly (to him) had similar names and the same date of birth! I had to then go over to his desk to find out what was the problem. 'they have the same birthday' he said! Yes I said they are twins! 'They have the same name' he said, yes I said (very slowly) they are twins! he then spent another age looking at their passport photos and then looking up at them, then back to the passport and so on. Finally he allowed them through!

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