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AM SO CONFUSED!! Teacher Direct - Salaried and Non-Salaried

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Toosey-Jay, Dec 16, 2018.

  1. Toosey-Jay

    Toosey-Jay New commenter

    Dear all,

    I have trawled all the websites/unis etc to try and decipher the above.
    I am looking to do both QTS and PCGE after relevant teaching experience overseas. I would be able to return to home town and keep living costs low and have identified either the lead/training school/university or the area in which I would like to train so plan to target them.

    Am I correct in thinking:
    Salaried: Apply as per the UCAS providers/institutions. Some may be under a particular school, some may be under an organisation that covers different areas nationwide. Some sort of salary - I CANNOT for the life of me find information about what this may be in reality. Fees for QTS/tuition fees (9K?) paid for by the school, but teacher must pay for upgrade to PCGE which is around 2K. This last part is the area in which details online are hazy! Do different schools/trusts pay different salaries? Is it paid according to the teacher workload you are given? There is a DOE document online with some figures re: funding given to such schools but it isn't clear if one pays for the actual tuition out of that also. What is in it the govt/school to take a Direct School Salaried candidate as opposed to non-salaried? Money from govt for this option is tuition fees plus a salary but non-salaried is just the amount of the bursary.

    Non-salaried: Apply via UCAS as above. No salary but can get a bursary (15K in my case, I don't qualify for scholarship/super-priority subjects). Re: bursaries, is it a guaranteed thing as per the info table on the websites or is it conditional/means-tested/selective?
    So, assuming I get the 15K bursary, I then pay for the 9K fees using that. I do not want (yet another) loan.

    Also - are applications for starting the PGCE 2019 open? I tried to apply on UCAS - it says it is closed yet it only opened Oct and I've seen a uni advertising closing date as January..

    Tremendously confusing process - I can't believe the application process is set up this way!

  2. LaurensMum

    LaurensMum New commenter

    My knowledge is limited but as I understand it. All applications need to go through UCAS. I have applied for 2019 on the primary salaried route and have been offered a place. My fees are going to be covered by the teaching alliance that I have gained a place with and as you say if I want to do a PGCE then I have to pay £1900 top up (I won't be doing this). The salary is small around £9,800 for 10 months, although some may pay slightly more. Don't know much about the non salaried option but do have a friend who is currently training on that. She is training to be a maths teacher so had a bursary of £20,000 for which she has to take out £2,000 for fees (I believe the rest are covered by the teaching alliance). I am not sure when applications are open to but don't think they have yet closed. I am sure they are open until the end of the school year but obviously the later you leave it, the less chance you have of securing a place.

    Hope this helps.
  3. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    OK you are correct in your understanding and observations..although application via UCAS many School Direct have local recruitment events which if you are advised to attend. If you are not in the country then you need to arrange to return for interviews and also to pass the skills tests which need to be achieved prior to starting. Most salaried SD appointments happen early next year and many popular places are filled before Easter.
    For PGCE the universities have their own timelines and many begin interviews this term
    Many SD paces particularly salaried do not include PGCE just straight QTS. There are top up and additional units which may be offered at extra cost

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