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Am looking to buy dyslexia assessments

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by janinebrooks, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. janinebrooks

    janinebrooks New commenter

    If you have any tests that you are selling please let me know. Am hoping to buy the WRIT, TOMAL 2 (for df, db, lf, lb), SWST, DTWRP and the YARC. Thank you!
  2. doonessy

    doonessy New commenter

    Can you help? I have a pupil who is showing all signs of being severely dyslexic. I am new to the Senco role and would dearly love to help him. Teachers are using dyslexia friendly techniques in class with extra phonic work and reading/ writing interventions. He has seen an educational psychologist who has identified the only weakness to be in visual/spatial needs. He is booked in to have an eye test. I have suggested a referral to a pediatrician to discuss his development and have bought a lucid lass package (not arrived yet) to look at any indications.
    What else can I do? Should I consider purchasing one of the above tests? Can Sencos deliver the test and how would it help?
    Why are so many test being bought?
    Sorry for all the questions...
  3. Flanks

    Flanks Established commenter

    The majority of these tests require a Level 7 testing qualification. The only exception in that list (I think) is the YARC, which is my preferred reading test for primary years and is quite accessible.

    The reason for so many tests is that there is no such thing as 'a dyslexia test'. Dyslexia is probably best thought of as a behavioural outcome of multiple risk factors, so in order to decide whether dyslexia is present you need multiple tests and also quite varied and detailed background information on the individual.

    If an Ed Psych has already assessed, then the LASS will serve no purpose as it is far less precise than an ed psych or specialist teacher assessment. It is purely a screening test. As a precursor to parental concern with regards to visual/spatial needs, I would start reading up on visual stress and 'irlens syndrome'. Short version is: Visual Stress = fine, and lenses can help in some cases. Irlens = marketing for made up trademarked neurological condition with hyper expensive glasses for no proven benefit after more than 30years of research.
  4. doonessy

    doonessy New commenter

    Thank you. That is a great help.

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