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Am I wasting my time?

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by picsgirl, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. picsgirl

    picsgirl New commenter

    The background.

    In 2009 I started as a volunteer for 2 mornings a week at my local primary school.

    The following year I worked in the same school as a 1:1 TA 5 afternoons a week for a year, whilst completing the QCF Apprenticeship for Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools (Level 2).

    Since September I?ve been volunteering 1 day a week as well as working in the same school as a relief TA.
    Up until last week I had only had 4 days paid TA work ; this week I was in every day and the next 3 weeks I?ll be in for 3-4 days per week.
    After then who knows?

    I?ve really enjoyed this week; it?s been a while since I?ve come home from work with a smile on my face.
    (I had another part-time job up until last month).

    Currently my LEA is getting all the permanent TA?s to sign acceptance for Single Status.
    In the school neither of the HLTA?s have lost any money, of the seven L3 TA?s five have gained money, but two (the most experienced) are loosing £600 pa; all the fourteen L1 TA?s will loose £1200-£1600 pa (pro rata as over half are part time).

    There are rarely any jobs advertised in this area, if there are they are L1 and temporary.

    I?m in my mid forties and want to be a TA as a career until retirement; it isn?t to fit in with child care.

    The questions.

    Am I being delusional, hoping to obtain a permanent class TA post whilst all this upheaval is going on?

    With those of you who have been through the single status process, have there been cutbacks/redundancies over the subsequent years?

    Do you think there is a future for TA?s?

  2. picsgirl

    picsgirl New commenter

    Sorry, I did use sentences and spaces. Not sure what happened.
  3. I have to say that TA jobs are pretty hard to come by these days and permanent contracts are few and far between. I used to work as a TA but once I reached my mid 40s, it became impossible to get a permanent contract. I did manage to land a 1:1 temp contract which ended when my pupil left. After that, I never managed to get another TA job. I had a few interviews, but found that I was usually the oldest person there; most of the other candidates were very young, and many were graduates hoping to go on to do a PGCE. I was also told that these jobs had attracted over 100 applicants, which tells you something about how popular they are!
    I eventually gave up and returned to doing admin work; again, no permanent contract. I have to assume that age plays a large part in this; I am now 49 and no longer working having lost my temp job due to illness. If I had been on a permanent contract, things would have been different.
    I dont really know what to advise you ... it depends if you're prepared to continue working on a temp basis with all the insecurities that come with it.
  4. All of us will be losing hours from September. Not sure how much the school will save though as only just very slightly above minimum wage.
    It is a great job though. Not sure how much of a future any of us have tbh.

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