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Am I unusually lazy, or normal?

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by lyoung84, May 16, 2011.

  1. Seems that most staff my age at work are doing triathlons, 10k runs, daily gym, cycling to work etc. I know I should exercise, and do go to the gym when I can be bothered, go on walks most wkends and easily run up 3 flights of stairs at work, but honestly prefer a cup of tea, biscuit and book after work (ok, sometimes it's wine). Am I lazy...or normal?
  2. Normally lazy - or lazily normal [​IMG]
  3. Do what works for you- everyone is different. I love exercising and do either gym or a class every day (often before work) but I also sleep minimum of 9hours a night often meaning I am in bed by 8.30-9pm because I cant function without enough sleep.
    Many people think I am lazy because of this but I am exceptionally busy during my waking hrs.
    I also know people who survive on only 4hrs sleep and all they do after work is go home and watch tv every day.
    Different strokes for different folks. If you are reasonably healthy, happy with your lifestyle and have enough energy to get you through the week then enjoy being your kind of normal.
  4. I am doing all that stuff but only because I wish to be a particular size and shape for my son's wedding. After that date, I shall happily revert to driving everywhere, cancelling my gym membership and eating what I damn well like.

  5. You are perfectly normal.
    Different strokes for different folks, innit?
    I know many people who used to run but gave up and resorted to cakes for fun etc...me amongst them.
    I have to drive down through a University campus several times a week and you should see all the people who run....on pavements. Where is the pleasure? What amuses me is...all the girls seem to have blonde pony-tails bobbing as they jog and matching Lycra accesories..and clean trainers. It has to be a fad. [​IMG]
    Gyms survive on the yearly fees paid by the briefly enthusiastic who stop going after three months.
    Enjoy your chair, tea, biscuits and books. Sounds wonderful to me. The secret is to keep active...make daily life active. Walk when possible, take the stairs not the lift etc...bend, stretch doing things like housework, gardening and tone up with swimming or a sport you enjoy. Good luck to those who enjoy running and endurance races. You have to be very disciplined and focused and not all of us tick like that.
    It isn't for everyone, so don't be conned into thinking you are somehow defective if it's not the way you like to use your spare time.
    Let's hear it for books and chairs! (With a glass of wine in hand too.) [​IMG]
  6. As A Lady Of A Certain Age who had two vaginal deliveries, one involving fairly extensive cutting, I am starting to experience stress incontinence. I can pound away on a treadmill for twenty excruciating **** wasted minutes and remain perfectly leak-free, but ask me to run through the street to post a letter or run for a bus and I'm soggy before you can shout "Tena".
  7. Aaaagggghhhh - and don't even think about coughing!
  8. Sometimes the urge to go is strong and after a certain age it cannot be ignored. I have been known to desperately clench in everything below the hips - ***, bum, thighs, knees - and then grimace whilst walking in a bent, knock-kneed fashion to the loo.
    This was in Tesco. I am sure the security guard thought I was trying to smuggle something in under my coat....
  9. Aaaaggghhh again! Why is it that you can ignore the need to wee if you are busy eg teaching, but at other times the need is overwhelming. The times I have been tempted to trample over little old women to get to the loo.....whilst not unclenching anything!
    I have been a zealot in doing pelvic floor exercises - all to no avail.
  10. Lily - must agree with being able to dig deep for an event. Luckily I look slim in clothes, but it's entirely different without. Current target - thighs. Have been target for year but can blissfully ignore most of time, but this time is different, they can get ready, I WILL beat them into submission!!!! (note - until I get fed up of effort and regain blissful ignorance). Also - amused that teacher camel bladder is a common trait, term time only of course!

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