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Am I unrealistic?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Lara mfl 05, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    I don't want to pour oil on already troubled waters but I think you deserve to be prepared.
    Some people are getting regular supply work but many of us are not.
    Primary school teachers are in super-abundance at the moment, far too many for posts available.
    Your main priority at present is yourself & your little baby. In five years time, when he/she will be ready for school, the situation may look very different. You have a great many changes to adapt to at the minute & your hormones will need to revert back to normal, so just look at the next few months at present-I sort of presume you're on maternity leave, in which case just enjoy theis precious time with your baby & leave decisions yet awhile.
  2. No I am not on mat leave- unfortunately- my daughter is 18 months old and i need to work to pay the bills,single parenthood is not nice!
    I appreciate your response- and I take it on board- several agencies have said they could get me 2/3 days a week but wondering if they are just talking the talk so to speak. I am going to give it until May half term and then revise plans accordingly.I hope I am one of the people getting regular work..... again agencies say they dont have many supply teachers where I live.
    Fingers crossed X

  3. janeygrey

    janeygrey New commenter

    Good luck. Maybe ring around local schools to ask which agencies they use? I keep saying it, but I work EVERY day doing day to day supply. I work in the inner city and teach primary - so yes, it is area and keystage influenced xx
  4. I have been in your position single-mum-wise, but honestly at the age your daughter is now, you will have to pay for full-time child care just in case you get work and you may not. As your hours are not guaranteed to be 16 or more a week you may not be entitled to Working Tax Credit and TBH in your position, I would wait till she is 3 and eligible for 15 hours free nursery care.
    Unless you have someone who will look after her for free, in which case ignore everything I just said :)
  5. It is helpful to know that you work every day as beginning to feel that it was all doom and gloom. Many Thanks for your replyX

  6. I have managed to save enough to pay for two months 3/4 days childcare so I am hoping that I get work , I am not prepared to wait until she is three before I work as I will go insane with boredom and my daughter loves being at the childminders.My plan is to see how much work I get this month and have decided I am prepared to do anything ie cover supervisor/ HLTA/TA /teacher etc just to get my hand back in so to speak and also if I am working , then as you say , I get my childcare 70% paid .If my wage is low I get more money tax credits and if it is too high , then bonus......... I would rather try and see what happens than not work for two years TBH X but thanks for your thoughts

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