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Am I making up the numbers?!

Discussion in 'Independent' started by bettycom, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. Hello
    I applied for a job at a local Independent School, I have been teaching in state sector for 10 years.
    There were two jobs advertised, no interview date was given in the advert. Almost 3 weeks after the deadline I received a letter inviting me for interview. My concern is that I am being asked along to make up numbers, it seems unusual to leave it so long before asking candidates to attend.
    Anyone else experienced this? What was the outcome? Am I just wasting my time and effort?
  2. v12


    Of course, independent schools aren't necessarily tied by the same bureaucratic form-filling of some authorities and can decide how and when they interview and so forth.
    I don't think you can suppose that you are just making up numbers - and it might be a good idea, in any case, to use this as a testing platform for your interviewing techniques.
    Good luck anyway.
  3. For my replacement (I'm leaving at the end of the year), the deadline for application was March 8th and they've just contacted people for interviews. This term is really busy, trying to get GCSE sorted (new controlled assessments are proving to be a nightmare!), A Level orals (for languages) etc.
    I don't think you should concern yourself about making up numbers - they want to interview you! End of story! :eek:)

    Good luck!
  4. florian gassmann

    florian gassmann Star commenter

    They wouldn't have wasted money on advertising or interviewing if it was a "done deal".
  5. I had a situation like that a few years ago and I certainly WAS making up the numbers. I was only invited two days before the interview and by far the least qualified for the post.
  6. Not necessarily. I had 24 hours notice for an interview for my current job (they did offer me two dates but said that they would prefer me to take the interview the next day). Really glad I did as they offered me to job and cancelled the interviews later in the week so don't presume short notice means that you're making up numbers.

    I also know of plenty of jobs where internal applicants have not got the job. Just last week the "acting" X did not become the "actual" X and come September he will be bumped back down to deputy when the new guy comes in. I also know of plenty of friends of friends who have not had their temporary NQT contracts renewed and lost out to others when a permanent job in the school came up.

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