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Am I just too expensive?

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by cliveceltic, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. Probably a usual question.

    Been for 4th interview today. Feedback was my lesson and plan was outstanding as was my subject knowledge of my specialism however I am too enthusiastic about my subject in my application, teaching and interview that it overshadowed my general teaching experiences. I am a primary music specialist and when asked question about would I cover ppa and what subject strengths would I offer I can't see why this is an issue. I was asked about community links and the village has a big music festival which I suggested linking with etc. I answered behavior management, literacy and numeracy planning, differentiation and SEN questions without mentioning music.

    I got the impression that a small school, 79 on role up to y4 with a teaching head may be cost saving. I am on mps6 and was leadership briefly and never did threshold before taking 4 yrs out. Previous schools have used lack of recent experience as reason for the no even though it's all on my form si they interview me knowing that!

    I'm only applying for part time posts for personal reasons so there aren't many about and it's getting frustrating. I am doing supply now so at least the recent experience is covered!! A few of us usually chat as candidates and all the experienced teachers are feeling the same and between us we have been in or know of the schools we were turned down at and found that all the jobs have gone to nqts except one which went to a lady being made redundant at nearby school.

    Am I destined for supply?
  2. zeps

    zeps New commenter

    I hear you. It is a tough reality as you go up the payscale you become too expensive. I'm on UPS3 so don't apply for MPS positions. I asked for feedback on an application and was (a bit too honestly) told that if they employed me then I'd be more expensive than their newly appointed deputy.
    I don't apply for management posts because I have a young family and can't give any more of my time to a job than I do now.
    At a recent interview all of us candidates chatted why we wouldn't get it - I was the most expensive and the NQT felt she lacked the experience but someone who was relocating was on their 12th interview. Of course a local candidate got it who had a couple of years under her belt - cheap & experienced
    I hope you get a permanent contract soon. Hopefully a position will come up in a school you are doing supply.

  3. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Cliveceltic, whilst I agree it's more difficult to get a permanent post when mature, expensive & currently unemployed, it's also to do with the fact that you're looking at part-time. Put all those factors into the equation and you have loads stacked against you.
    Take any feedback you receive with a huge pinch of salt- it's often just 'something to say' which won't make any waves.
  4. A few full time posts I did apply for I never got interviews and at yesterday's interview the candidates had been to the same couple if interviews as me but had been applying to all jobs but seemed to be getting the part time interviews - also more mature.

    I figured less apply for part time hence the many older candidates being interviewed alongside the nqts.

    As I have been out 4 years and have a toddler I can't face full time really, especially after circumstances for why I left 4 years ago. I love spending at least 1 week day with my daughter at activities not provided at weekends so I'm sticking with part time for now!

  5. TediousMissD

    TediousMissD New commenter

    Same problem here, apart from a private school I interviewed at who gave someone with 35 years experience the position! They could afford her I guess!!!

    What are we going to do? Im frantic!!!!
  6. Teacher2004

    Teacher2004 New commenter

    I sympathise with your interview frustrations! I too am on MPS 6 and am regularly the only teacher with experience at interviews, up against NQTs. I cannot believe that they actually told you you were too enthusiastic. Surely they need someone who is going to enthuse and insprire children and who loves their subject, not someone quiet and reserved? I totally agree with the other post, and take it all with a pinch of salt. Even if you were the better teacher and candidate on the day, they need to justify their decision to give the job to someone else by finding something to say to you - even if it does sound like they were scraping the bottom of the bottle. One school actually told me that they could n't give me feedback because if they gave feedback to me, they would have to do the same for the other candidates too. At another school, we were all waiting in the staffroom, when a lady from admin came in to tell us who the successful candidate was, and told the rest of us to leave. I asked if someone (Govenor, Head Teacher, member of the dept.) was going to come and speak with us, but she said no, they were all too busy. Its unbelievable, but I think you have to be thick skinned on the interview circuit these days.
    Good luck in your hunt for a job. I am finishing a maternity post in a couple of weeks and have nothing lined up for September. Supply is hit and miss. You may get a long term sick or maternity cover, and the person you are covering does n't come back, so the post becomes available. I got my temp job from writing to schools in the area, as I did n't find the agencies particularly helpful. They claim that there is lots of work around, but schools are cutting back, and with so many cover supervisors, supply is not needed so much.
    The best of luck!


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