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Am I fully qualified or not?

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by jubilee, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    You are qualified. You have Qualified Teacher Status and it's your for life.
    You even remain qualified if you fail your Induction year!You just can't teach any longer in the State 5-16 sector. You can teach in the State Post 16 sector or the private sector (any age group).
    Induction can be completed at any point after you get QTS and it is not part of your ITT (that was your teaching degree course).
    You don't need a permanent post to undertake Induction. I completed all my Induction ona supply basis (daily rate) at two schools, with a 5 term gap between the end of the second term and starting the 3rd Induction term. I have still never had a permanent post!
    You can be LA or agency employed and still undertake Induction. It must simply be known from the outset that the intention is for you to still be in post a term's length later and that you will plan and assess a regular timetable. You get the 10% timetable reduction too. Maternity covers are the usual supply route to Induction.
    Whilst waiting for Induction terms (which can start at any point in a school term) you can take non-Induction supply teaching during a 16 month Supply Rule allowance. The 16 months count down from your first day of non-Induction supply in the 5-16 State sector.

  2. Thankyou Jubilee. My degree was hard earned and I am very proud to have achieved at HE level but I have to accept the profession has got incredibly difficult. I am currently a supply teacher doing day to day and building a good relationship with my agency and a couple of schools. I do hope a permanent position will come from this but its an infuriating lottery securing a post no matter how well prepared / positioned you think you are. I have refused CS or TA work and will never revise this. I have also fallen out with a bullying agency who set up a long term without induction (I have since discovered this is not alowed) - so my working week is short but at least my house is organised! I cannot go on like this forever however so am looking around including out of teaching and I do state that I am a qualified teacher but needed to check this in case I secure a job! So my 16 months are now ticking away and I`m very disillusioned but not ready to give up - yet!
  3. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Contact the LA advisor for your specialism and the Induction advisor and ask to be kept informed about any temporary vacancies that they know about that will allow you to start/complete Induction.
    They often hear about up-coming Maternity cover positions and as those vacancies are known about well in advance, there's the time for someone like you to be selected and CRB checked before the maternity leave starts.
  4. I will contact the LA. I get job alerts direct to my phone and I recieved one about joining the pool. Its on the to do list for tomorrow! Thanks for the advice.

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