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Am I experienced enough?

Discussion in 'Independent' started by vikrce, Feb 6, 2020.

  1. vikrce

    vikrce New commenter

    Just after some advice from those of you in the independent sector. Having decided (after much soul searching) to move from state to private I went to look round a lovely prep school. The school are advertising for two leading roles-maths and science and was encouraged by the head to apply for one of these, but do I have enough experience?
    Have only worked in the state sector so not sure of the workload for a lead in a prep school.

    I have been teaching for 5 years and have held a few small lead roles and I think I could do the job but do not want to ruin my change of securing the teaching post if I apply for a lead role and do not get it. I'm aware it looks unprofessional to say I'm interested in both positions on the application form but I am interested in both!
  2. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    Yes, apply and see what happens.
    You never know, the leadership role might go to an internal and they offer you a department role instead.
    Or they offer you the leadership role...maths and science teachers aren't two a penny, especially good ones!

    Workload may not be less in terms of hours, but it is less in terms of emotional stress and is rather more enjoyable!

    Go for it!
  3. traditionalque

    traditionalque New commenter

    5 years of experience and previous lead roles is a good platform for a lead-role in a prep school, but the real question is do you feel like you're ready? If you're confident of your ability as a teacher and a leader, that's all you need in my opinion.
  4. arcaopino

    arcaopino New commenter

    Don't forget to ask about salary and pensions at or before interview. At a prep school both are likely to be less favourable than what you can get in the state sector; that doesn't seem to matter from your post, but do ask. You may also find yourself being a leader in a department of one, or perhaps with one or two part-timers, so the question of experience is a bit irrelevant. You are the one in a strong bargaining position. Why else do you think the head "encouraged" you to apply? Unhappily the times are not favourable to private schools, or to their staff. Are you sure this is a good time to move?

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