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Am i entitled to an SEN point/TLR? - Nurture Teacher

Discussion in 'Primary' started by gembobs78, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. I am currently working as a nurture group teacher and all the children have SEN. Esap (funding/IEPS). I get kicked/punched/hit on a regular basis. Surely i deserve some extra pay!!!
  2. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    Deserve? Maybe
    Entitled to...possibly not.
    I believe (although I could be mistaken, and would need to double check the STPCD - or you could) that SEN points are entirely discretionary


  3. sometimes not discretionary tafkam but in this case they would be

    Special educational needs allowance
    26.1 The annual value of a first SEN allowance is £1,912,and the annual
    value of a second SEN allowance is £3,778.
    26.2 The relevant body must award a first SEN allowance to a classroom
    (a) in a special school;or
    (b) in an ordinary school who is engaged wholly or mainly-
    (i) in teaching pupils with statements of special educational
    needs in designated special classes;or
    (ii) in taking charge of special classes consisting wholly or
    mainly of children who are hearing impaired or visually
    26.3 The relevant body may award a first SEN allowance to a classroom
    teacher in an ordinary school.
    26.4 A SEN allowance may be awarded under sub-paragraph 3 only where
    the relevant body considers that the classroom teacher makes a
    particular contribution to the teaching of pupils with special
    educational needs in the school which is significantly greater than
    that which would normally be expected of a classroom teacher.
    26.5 The relevant body may award a second SEN allowance to a classroom
    teacher who would otherwise be entitled to,or eligible for,a first SEN
    allowance and who has experience or qualifications or both which the
    relevant body considers are particularly relevant to the teacher?s work.

  4. sorry, it's late. What's STPCD?
  5. SchoolTeachers Pay and Conditions Document

    i have copied the relevant part in my earlier post

  6. thank you. Guess it's not likely then!
  7. Can suggest some positive handling training from Team Teach or a similar organisation? I work as a nurture group teacher. I have also worked in specialist BESD education for 10 years with statemented BESD children. Whilst some children clearly have such needs that mean they have the potential for violent outbursts, my overwhelming experience is that a combination of good relationships, preemptive behaviour management strategies and adequate physical intervention training reduces potential harm to both staff and children.This should certainly be the case in a mainstream nurture provision. If you are getting hurt frequently I wonder how safe the other children, and indeeed the child in question, really are or feel.

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