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Am I doing it right?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by rainbowstripes, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. I am fairly new to Early Years and love teaching my Reception Class. Thing is, I don't really know if I am doing it right. We seem to be quite limited resources wise compared to other schools but due to circumstances, there doesn't seem to be any money for new things so we are sort of 'stuck with what we've got' so to speak.
    Plus, I have no idea if my children are accessing things correctly, often my writing table is just used by them to colour in! Though at the moment they have taken to making books. How can I encourage actual writing? I am on my own with them the majority of the time so is hard to sit and model things as I have so much else to get on with.
    A lot of my children seem to want to play lots of imaginary games, today it was dogs and they were crawling round the carpet etc. Is this type of thing acceptable or should I be stopping this? I am perfectly happy for them to prance round the classroom in fairy wings and dresses or play Cinderella in my role play area but I know some people frown on this type of thing.
    We have things to play with such as dinosaurs, lego, sorting toys etc but they are sometimes bored of these now, no idea how to make them more exciting?!
    I want my children to be the best they can be and achieve their full potential so want to make sure I am doing things right.
    How can I extend their play when I have writing/reading/numeracy groups to do? Our school has a big push on reading so I am trying to hear them read a lot. This takes up a lot of time! [​IMG]
    And not sure how to improve their writing? We do copying under a model most weeks, but I want their indepdent writing to be as good.
    The <strike>somewhat limited</strike> resources I have are:
    sorting toys ( coloured cars and animals)
    linking elephants
    compare bears
    Train set
    Farm role play
    Lacing cards
    tesselating shapes
    Games ( requiring an adult for them to understand and play)
    Colouring/writing table
    roleplay food, dolls, pushchairs etc
    ( they also have bikes/sand/water/playhouse etc outside which is supervised by a shared adult)
    What do I need to order or see if anyone at school can donate? Thanks for any advice and sorry for the long post. I love these boards and have been a long time lurker and am hoping for some of the lovely people on here to can advise [​IMG]
  2. Do you use ****** or sparkle box? Free paper resources to uplift your area and resources for kids to do!
    we also have a wish list for things for parents to donate
    buttons for counting/playdough
    pine cones for small world
    candle for playdough
    old party items for role play
    old cards for writing area
    The list is endless but it's an cost effective way to make area's more excitting :)
  3. sillysausage21

    sillysausage21 New commenter

    Have you discovered ABC's blog? I've found it fantastic for giving me ideas...it's my first year in reception too.
  4. Not heard of that blog no... Do you have a link to it? :)
  5. Nothing wrong with what you've got but natural that you want to increase your choice. And of course their choices too.
    If you're prepared to spend some of your own cash, if school won't allow you to spend theirs, car boot sales are a good way of maximising what you get for your money.
    Other basics you could angle for from other co-ordinators budgets in school:
    pegs and peg boards, unifix/multilinkcubes, poleidoblocs (3D shapes) threading beads, cards, dominoes, dice (and many other things if you scour the resource catalogues) from maths.
    hoops, balls, ropes, pot stilts, bean bags, targets etc. for outdoors from P.E.
    puppets, story sacks, wipeable whiteboards and pens, magnetic letters, role play tabards and dressing up clothes from literacy.
    variety of construction, programmable toys like Beebots from DT/ICT.
    magnifiers, bug collectors, torches from science, also collect a variety of natural materials
    I'm sure if you looked at resources you would like/need you could work out whose budget could help!
    Ask for a little bit each financial year and build up gradually. Also I would be talking to mangement for the need for a separate early years budget.
  6. sillysausage21

    sillysausage21 New commenter

  7. Also don't forget to ask parents. My sons nursery sent home a newsletter with a list of donations they would like including puzzles and dolls etc. You never know. I was able to donate some bits, just an idea??
  8. hurny

    hurny New commenter

    I ask the parents to donate the ingredients for making playdough which the children make every other week, they also donate dried food such as pasta, rice, lentils etc. These are good to put in trays for exploration. Also yoghurt pots, kitchen roll tubes, etc for modelling.
    I have also asked parents to donate ingredients for cooking activities.
    Last year they donated guttering, tyres, plant pots, milk crates, bread crates, cds for gluing together and hanging in the outdoor area.
    One activity that does keep the children busy (and quiet.....due to concentration) is picking up small objects such as Hama beads or buttons with tweezers and putting them in small pots, this also helps develop the fine motor skills of the children who find it difficult to write.


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