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am I being paranoid?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by iheartpbandj, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. I'm visiting family at the moment abroad. I've been here just over a week and my brother is out at a friends birthday this evening (I'm not bothered about that, it had been arranged before I had planned to visit).. Myself and his girlfriend have stayed at home. After dinner she says that she is tired and going to bed, I thought it was rather early 6:30pm.. but thought nothing of it. However I log onto fb and see that shes online on chat, that was almost 2 hours ago now she went and shes still on through the laptop. Am I being weird that I think she doesn't want to sit with me and chat/watch tv/dvd but would rather talk to people on fb? ..
  2. Why would she want to sit with you rather than chat to friends?

    I would have thought it ruder of her to stay in the room with you and then ignore you in order to chat online

    Who else is on the house ... or have I mistaken the situation and you are just visiting your brother
  3. You're not paranoid, you're just a bit dull. Also, the young seem to feel that not being on facewank for at least 12 hours a day will result in social death (and probably brain cancer as well).

    cyolba, pleased to allay your fears :)
  4. RF - there is just the two of us in the house just now (well four, but the two children are sleeping). I am in the lounge, she is in her and my brother's bedroom. She lives with him.
  5. I mis-read this at first and thought you meant your girlfriend! That, I thought was a bit weird! I wouldn't worry about it - how long have they been together? Everybody needs a bit of me-time
  6. I think, as another poster said, she's just a bit common and ill-mannered.
    First thought, though, might she have logged onto FB quickly and then gone to bed leaving herself logged on?
    Even if she isn't on FB, though, to go to bed at 6.30 leaving a guest alone in your house is bad manners unless you are ill. Your feeling perplexed at this indicates that you have been raised to have good manners, she has not. It should not come down to your being a boring person or not, she has a family guest in her home, and she does not know the correct way to behave in that situation. Nothing for you to feel hurt or paranoid over. Feel sorry for her - breeding will out, my dear.
    Your brother, having been raised to show and expect good manners like you, will almost certainly have noticed her shortcomings in this regard, and he's probably decided to accept it. There are probably other instances in their daily lives where he finds her a little bit lacking in terms of consideration for others and general observation of decorous behaviour, and he'll have to work out how he wants to deal with that.
    Accept she has not had the benefit of a good grounding from her own family and shrug it off, just as you would if you noticed she was raising her son not to give up his seat for an older person, or if she took the last chocolate biscuit, or didn't know which fork to use or what to do with her napkin at a smart wedding.
    And definitely fart on her sofa.
  7. moonpenny

    moonpenny Occasional commenter

    I think you are probably being over sensitive.
    When I go up North to see my mum and dad,I don't spend all my spare time sat in their living room. I often go and read in the spare bedroom or use the laptop.
    I have always been like that - I like my personal space. It isn't always a bad reflection on the company of the people I am with.
    I get on really well with my mum and dad so it really isn't me trying to avoid them.
    I'd feel stiffled if they expected me to spend every minute I'm there talking to them.
  8. I find staying at my Dads boring. Usual small talk, then he just wants to watch TV with my step mum. I search around the house for a book or something to do as his TV viewing is very different to mine.
    Or I'm on my laptop!

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