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Alternatives to "Sing Up"...

Discussion in 'Music' started by Rachwins, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. We've been told that our music budget won't stretch to paying the forthcoming subscription fees for Sing Up. Shame, it was a wonderful wonderful resource while we had it, but I appreciate that government funding can't go on for ever. Hey ho.

    However, I'm sure we're not alone in this situation. Having qualified 4-years ago though (on a PGCE course that gave us 3-hours of 'music teaching lectures'!) I have never known a world without Sing Up. What can you recommend to fill some of the hole that it will leave in our lives?

    NB I already have a couple of the Out of The Ark books, but would consider getting more, or anything else along those lines!
  2. I like junior voice works


    Exactly how much is it going to be to register with sing up?
  3. I use the singing sherlock books a lot in school.
  4. Watson in the singing sherlock books, Liz???
    Do you see what I did there?
  5. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

  6. bod99

    bod99 New commenter

    Get all the Sarah Watts books. She's a genius, and everything comes with CDs. Rah.

  7. Are they good for ELEMENTARY schools, Liz??
    And will someone tell me how much it's going to be to register for sing up?
  8. Prices range from £150 to £250 depending on number of pupils in school, but they have an Early Bird deal going on where prices start from £125 for a school upto 100 pupils :)
  9. Doitforfree

    Doitforfree Star commenter

    I've never liked Singup, both because of its appearance, apparently aimed at babies, and its gushing description of everything. There's loads of music available in charity shops and ebay for next to nothing. Google 'singing warm ups' or 'rounds' and you'll find lots of free stuff.
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Singing Express

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