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Alternatives to Cambridge Checkpoint tests for Year 6 and 9?

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by mgdj2000, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. mgdj2000

    mgdj2000 New commenter

    Can anyone please recommend / suggest any good alternatives to the Cambridge Checkpoint assessments for English, Maths and Science for UK Years 6 and 9?

    So far we can only find the Progress in Maths, Science and English by GL Education - any feedback on these assessments would also be gratefully received.

    Many thanks

  2. sckinsley

    sckinsley New commenter

    As a middle school we use the GL Assessment Progress tests and find that they are very useful for tracking over our age range as it gives continuity and standardisation. The format of the reports are good for our analysis and allow us to do year on year tracking.

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