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Discussion in 'Governors' started by banks193, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. I am Chair of Governors at a large primary school. We wre working together with other schools in the area none of whom wish to become academies.
    Does anyone have any experience of schools working together withouut becoming Academies? What models of collaborative working are there?
  2. montiagh

    montiagh New commenter

    You could consider a soft or hard Federation.
  3. staxis

    staxis New commenter

    The school
    that I am CoG for is part of a Community Learning Partnership which is
    effectively the pyramid that feeds into one large secondary school. Two of the
    schools within the partnership are currently academies. There is no federation

    Each school pays a premium per pupil into the Partnership 'pot'
    which then provides various services to the school, for example a Forest
    School. All the schools in the Partnership are allocated time at the Forest
    School that they can use as they see fit. Various projects which have involved
    numeracy, music and creative arts have been organised across the Partnership.

    The Headteachers of the schools within the Partnership meet regularly
    to plan how the Partnership will work and also to share best practice and any concerns.

    The system is not perfect but it certainly does have value. For
    instance none of the smaller schools within the Partnership would have any
    involvement with Forest School without the Partnership.

    BTW, we only see the range of services that the Partnersip provides increasing over time. It certainly has more 'buying power' than any of the individual schools so it can lead to significant savings.

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