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Alternatives to A Level Product Design--- Btec 3D Design level 3 (Edexcel)??

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by cluneyd, May 10, 2011.

  1. Im just starting to research the possibility of running the Btec 3D Design level 3, instead of A Level Product design. We will be teaching the IB, therefore A Levels are not an option.

    I was wondering if anyone is running this?

    Pros? Cons?


    I will be looking to cover the Product Design, CAD etc rather than the Art aspects.

  2. I'd be interested in this too....my students and I are becoming increasingly disillusioned with AQA Product Design (3D) as there simply isn't enough time and emphasis given over to 'real, in-depth ' development of creative, yet well made, products. I struggle to force them through a course in two terms, producing quality products (with portfolios to match), and yet prepare them for an exam that inevitably falls about a week after the coursework deadline....lots of time for revision then! I get some lovely but mostly non-academic students, often with talent...but they can't handle the academic side unless they have lots of time and we can go over and over material.
    So.....I'm looking for something that will play more to their strengths and interests...not to mention my own peace of mind!
    I've looked at other syllabi with other Boards and don't see much difference. I went with AQA in the past as they seemed the more sensible...clearly the government's drive to 'academicise' everything has even reached here. Anyone out there got some experience/advice??

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