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Alternative to Sam learning?

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by apmcarthur, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. We've been using Sam learning for some time now for students to study at home but interest in it seems to have vanished.

    Does anyone out there subscribe to anything similar for students to use at home or can you recommend anything?
  2. We use Yacapaca its free, you can write your own questions or use some from the question bank
  3. We don't use it, but know of: https://www.iamlearning.co.uk/
  4. Yes, thanks for that. It's my view too as I hate spam. [​IMG]
  5. Rhegarty thanks for mentioning Yacapaca. We have just finished
    beta-testing a new service called 'Prizes! Personal Learning Account'
    which has had very positive feedback from the students. It's here,
    verbatim, if anyone's interested:
    have taken a different tack from anyone else. We use real-world prizes
    to motivate students, and ask parents to pay for these through a small
    weekly fee. No idea yet how popular it is going to be with parents, but
    from a technical and pedagogical perspective I'm really pleased with
    If apmcarthur's students are getting jaded, this might be just the thing to refresh their interest.
  6. ...... the unmotivated kids are likely to have parents who will spend it on fags and booze.
    Best of luck though :)

  7. I think Yacapaca is a great tool, I like the new idea of prizes. Quite unique hpe its a success.
  8. Maybe we should add a bottle of Johnnie Walker and 20 Marlborough to the prizes list. Only kidding ;) I still have faith in parents' desire to see their children do well.

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