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Alternative teacher training start dates? January?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by chickpea23, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. I am considering a change of career to become a secondary school teacher with a Physics specialism. I have visited a couple of schools to get some experience and check that I am at least in some way prepared for what I am letting myself in for!

    The school I visited most recently were really positive and have implied that I should seriously consider them an option when I come to apply for teacher training - either PCGE or via schools direct...the issue I have is that I have a holiday booked in the middle of September this year (booked a year ago before I had seriously started considering moving over to teaching) and this prevents me from undertaking my PCGE / starting with schools direct this year. I had resigned myself to having to wait until next September (2016) but one of the members of staff at this school said that they thought Jan - Jan training cycles were possible rather than Sept - August.

    I was wondering whether anyone else had experienced this? I have not managed to find any material on the net to support this.

    Thanks in advance for any light anyone can shed on this for me!
  2. jarndyce

    jarndyce Occasional commenter

    You need to research a Flexible PGCE - they will allow a Jan - Dec cycle.

    In fact I managed to do mine October - July. But that required an awful lot of organisation on my part - had to arrange all my placements. Some of those who relied on the university to organise these ended up spending between 18 months and two years on their PGCE.

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