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Alternative qualifications to Forest Schools that would allow you to light a fire?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Waterfin, May 5, 2012.

  1. Waterfin

    Waterfin New commenter

    Posted in Outdoor Learning too, but that seems v quiet.

    I went on a great taster course for forest schools this week and loved the idea of being able to light a small campfire in our outdoor learning sessions (obviously in a safe, managed way).
    They were clear about needing a qualification to do it. Problem is, forest school costs £800, plus 7 days supply costs, plus extra days for assessments, plus £140 for outdoor first aid course, plus supply costs to do that too.
    I know that other organisations like scouts, guides are covered for campfires etc and am wondering if it is possible to access similar training, as the cost of Forest school is far too expensive for the school to fund at this time.
  2. Hello!
    Interesting debate going on here! We would argue that Forest Schools is a brand name and has principles associated to it. The Forest Schools Level 3 Certificate is a qualification to demonstrate competency in all areas, not just tools and fires, which are a means to an end and not just an end in themselves.
    A teacher is not a teacher until they have had their training and gained their qualification, and Early Years Practitioner is not one until they have trained and passed their qualification. Therefore a Forest Schools Practitioner is not one until they have passed their qualification, and you would want to be the best and receive the full package with all the information, not just the skill of lighting a fire.
    Our qualifications are based around what is best for the child and how our practitioners can maximise the potential for social, emotional and physical development in the amazing outdoors! [​IMG]

  3. Whilst you may call Forest School a brand name ( like hoover) it is not a registered trademark. I can call any plug in cleaning appliance a hoover and it will still clean my carpets efficiently. Lighting fires, woodwork skills, identiying birds and plants and so on is not the prerogative of the expensively trained. People have been doing it for hundreds of years. Using the outdoors in this way is massively important - I am a huge fan of Forest school ( and trained I might add) but should children be denied the experiences - as often as not in their own school grounds - because the school or nursery hasn't got the cash? Surely if the professionals involved - and we are professionals, trained and insured - plan and assess appropriately, there is no earthly reason why a group of children can't have fabulous life enhancing experiences with an passionate adult who has not got a piece of paper. Our qualifications too are based around what is best for the child and maximising potential.It seems to me that the forest school training companies have an eye on their income,understandably, but not with ay kind of realism
  4. Shazzi1

    Shazzi1 New commenter

    Surely if someone got hurt (god forbid!) when having a fire or using tools in a 'forest environment' but were not forest school trained, they woulld not be covered by the school insurance???
  5. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    You don't need Forest School training to be covered just a risk assessment
  6. Benbamboo

    Benbamboo Occasional commenter

    I don't understand why you would need a qualification to light a fire. Sounds like a marketing scare tactic to me - "don't light a fire without training or you won't be covered on insurance" nonsense.
    Risk assess it, give it a quick practise so you know what you're doing then go for it. If it's in a safe place (preferably a designated fire pit or something similar) and it's got the go ahead from your HT your insurance should cover it anyway.
  7. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Star commenter

    It's the way teachers work.

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