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Alternative Provision

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by naturegrows, Jan 1, 2019.

  1. naturegrows

    naturegrows New commenter

    I have been asked to setup an alternative provision unit within a mainstream environment to place in a measure for those students who will end up going to a PRU, etc due to their behaviour or additional needs.

    I have some set ideas but would like to know what other schools do so share good practice, etc?

  2. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    It may be useful to share your ideas/ thoughts here initially ? More experienced colleagues may then be in a position to make more relevant comments / offer guidance . So more detail on the Key Stage ? and your philosophy plus vision for staffing ( ratio / expertise/ absence ) arrangements, curriculum delivery, exit / entry criteria, full /part time timetabling, rewards / sanctions and success criteria may be helpful. You mention ' additional needs ' so again it may be necessary to explain your rationale for the inclusion of students with long term SEND - though it may be that you are thinking initially of those students with ADD / ADHD ? . Lots of ' may ' in this reply - ha ! Intended to help not hinder ....

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