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Alternative Provision for Low Attainers

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by dippykay, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. dippykay

    dippykay New commenter

    I am in my first year as a head of maths and have been frustrated this year about being forced to enter our very lowest attaining students for the new GCSE in maths.
    We've had approx 10 students who, due to learning difficulties/long absences/very low starting points were never going to "pass" the course (4) and were most likely to finish with a U.
    I believe we should have entered them into a more achievable qualification instead, or as well. I'll be trying to do this next year.
    Can anyone share the types of provision their schools use for the very lowest of attainers? I'm wondering which qualifications they sit, and whether this is done instead, or as well as?
  2. adamcreen

    adamcreen Occasional commenter

    Good timing, i just sent an email to my SEND coordinator about this very question:

    Edexcel Awards
    Level 1 Number, and Level 1 Data
    like a cut-down version of GCSE, helps students focus on particular areas

    If those are too hard,
    Edexcel Entry Level Certificates
    is the Entry Level which might be more suitable for the very very weak


    3 books

    Edexcel Awards:
    http://www.pearsonschoolsandfecolle...14-16/Edexcel Mathematics Awards/buy/buy.aspx

    Entry Level Certificate:

    "Other exam boards and awards are available"
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  3. kearl1

    kearl1 New commenter

    I just came to look for this exact thing!

    We've just taken the decision to try some of the edexcel awards in maths (mentioned above) with a group who will be year 10 in September.

    Long story short, I've taught a lot of low ability in KS3 (in fact this group of pupils were mine when they were in year 7) but never taught very low KS4! on average, our cohorts are very strong so we don't normally have such a core of low ability pupils so our SoW doesn't work massively well in this situation. I've no idea where to start!
  4. galerider123

    galerider123 Lead commenter

    They offer Functional Maths courses in colleges... I know that they used it at my son's school as a sort of prequel to sitting the GCSE. Would that be too high? It's an NCFE I think.
  5. ningningza

    ningningza New commenter

    Thanks for the info.

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