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Alternative jobs for teachers?!!

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by victoriabarrett86, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. Hello all,
    Never posted on here before so not sure if i'm going about this the right way but i'm not sure where else I can go for advice. I'm a Year 2 teacher at a primary school, its my 5th year of teaching in my 3rd school. I've either moved schools or year groups each year so have never had the continuity of the same room and planning for 2 consecutive years. I'm rethinking whether teaching is even for me anymore; I love teaching and am in my element in Year 2 but feel that I can no longer cope with the extra demands placed on me (mentoring an NQT, running the Xmas production, running the school council, running a club, coordinating Science, formally assessing my children every week to ensure their grades go up, the list goes on). When i'm in the classroom I feel so happy and really enjoy the satisfaction of teaching the children something new but unfortunately teaching doesn't appear to be just that anymore.
    I'm so tired of that 'Sunday night' feeling when I know i'm back at school on Monday and I desperately don't want to go. Not only that but i've really started to resent the extra work that inevitably has to be done at the weekends and evenings when the rest of my friends and family leave their work at the office. My current school are awaiting an OFSTED inspection and while I appreciate that the stress on SLT is vast, I feel like i';m drowning and have no way of getting out of it. My fiance says that I moan every year but has noticed that i'm growing more and more miserable. Having moved around a little I now feel that I'm trapped, can't move on or my CV may be read as 'flaky and flighty', and would it be any better anywhere else anyway?!
    I've made the decision that perhaps teaching is not the best career for me, but what else can I do? I've got a degree in Primary Education BA (HOns) but where can I go with it? I suppose my question I'm putting out there is what other career paths are open to teachers who need a steady job (i.e. not supply) but can't take the ever increasing pressure to meet academic targets and jump through OFSTED's multitude of hoops? The only thing I saw a few years ago that looked appropriate was coordinating educational visits at a museum.

    Anyway, rant over, if you've read to the end, thank you for your patience and perseverance! Any advice or suggestions, even if it's just a 'pull yourself together' would really be appreciated as I need either serious help or a reality check! from impartial people! Thanks, V
  2. Hi,
    I too am trying to think of alternatives and I haven't even begun my NQT year! I just think that the work load is so huge that I wonder if I will cope with it because I also have 3 children of my own who deserve to see me when I am not at school. I am jealous that my Hubby gets to enjoy his time off work when I know that I will be stuck in my office planning or whatever. I felt awful when my son said he never saw me any more. I am considering a TA post because it seems they still get to teach quite often, but do not have to continually assess, plan, run commitees and after school clubs, meet with parents etc. Less money and less control over things, but a better quality of life me thinks. I can't help thinking that I wasted years getting to this point for nothing!
    You have my sympathies!
  3. FollyFairy

    FollyFairy Occasional commenter

    I have to say this is very worrying indeed - are you sure teaching is what you want to do?? After teaching for nearly 13 years, I would agree with you that some other jobs seem to offer a better quality of life; despite my best efforts I don't seem to have a great work/life balance - hard to have when there is so much marking, planning and prepping... however, don't see it as 'wasted years', your skills ARE transferable!
    Other career options: police officer, social worker, working within LEA, working in supported housing for young homeless people/disabled people, TA and Cover Supervisor (had to mention them!), Youth worker. Other ideas can be found through googling working with children or through Connexions (you are probably technically too old for actual advice from them but their website has lots of ideas!)
  4. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Teaching isn't for anyone and having a good work/life balance can be difficult. It certainly isn't the 9-3 job many think of it as.
    You say you're in your element in yr 2, it's the extra demands and paperwork which are getting to you. Unfortunately today, as you so rightly say,teaching is now not always about the satisfaction of teaching.
    Schools do vary enormously and you really need to find your niche.
    Do you think you've taken on too much with all those extras?Could you ask some colleagues to take some of those responsibilities off your shoulders?

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