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Already submitted primary PGCE app. Considering applying for secondary GTP

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by thinkingofteaching, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. I'm in my 3rd yr of my English degree. I have volunteered in both Primary and Secondary Schools and really struggled to choose which age phase to teach- I thoroughly enjoyed both (both in quite challenging schools).
    I have already applied for primary PGCE but am now considering applying to do secondary English through a GTP- it was a really close choice anyway and I think I am far more likely to get a job in secondary- I'm based in Liverpool and have heard horror stories of 300 people applying for one job in primary. I have young kids settled at local schools and my husband's job to consider and can't relocate.
    However I'm a bit worried that the providers can find out that I've applied elsewhere to teach a different age range and would see this as uncommitted- and not give me a place.

    Any advice???? Thanks
  2. Just a bit of a heads up: the job situation in secondary is just as bad as it is in primary. 300 applicants in primary is a bit excessive, I think for most schools its more like 30 at the moment. Thing is though, my town has 120 primary schools, each with somewhere between 3 and 20 primary teachers, whereas there's only about 20 secondary schools, each of which may only have a few English teachers. Yes, there are a lot of people training for primary, but there are actually fewer positions coming up in secondary. I'm not saying you shouldn't choose secondary, but I'd really recommend against basing your decision on the likeliness of getting a job, as no matter what you teach, it's really tough.

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