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Already mid april and still no job for next year

Discussion in 'Music' started by Calverlan, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. Calverlan

    Calverlan New commenter

    Im starting to be a bit worried. I need a job for next year. Had a few interviews but no luck yet.
    I started looking for management positions, so to go up in my career, but of course these jobs are not advertised on tes .. or are they anywhere???
    So I considered going back to Music teaching as either head of music or music teacher. But now I feel worried.
    Till when are jobs advertised on here??
  2. Calverlan

    Calverlan New commenter

    Also, my concern is that my previous Head played an evil game on me. I was forced to give his name at my last interview, I couldnt refuse that, but our professional relationship was not the best, and so thinks everyone at the school. I am willing to bet that he put me down in his reference. This is what happens when your Head is a *** who never fails to enjoy himself whenever he can assert his power and satisfy his inferiority complex.
  3. bod99

    bod99 New commenter

    Can you ask to see your reference as you're not getting anywhere at interview? Your union will tell you your rights regarding this.
  4. Don't worry too much at this stage about jobs advertised - there seem to have been an unusually large number of head of music jobs up and this will lead to (probably) plenty of teacher jobs in the next term. I got my first job on the very last day of the summer term in July, so don't despair until then.
    Your reference from your former head is perhaps more troubling. I have ruled out potentially quite good candidates on the grounds of poor references before now - when there were equally qualified people available. I would suggest a) try to make your piece with him to get a reasonable reference, b) perhaps secure an open reference from him which you can send, along with names and addresses of other referees - it may be dry but at least not negative, and c) don't whatever you do slag off your head (or even suggest that everyone thinks that) at interview. It may well be true but I have had this twice in interview and it was an instant "pull the lever" moment each time.
  5. piece=peace - it was a LONG term...
  6. spanboy

    spanboy Occasional commenter

    Its not fair that someone's future possibly rests in the hands of a spiteful head! Who questions whether their reference of you is justified or not? Even with 2 other written references, the potential future employer is bound to take most notice of your current (or most recent) employer's reference.
    Do you have someone else at your last school (e.g. deputy head) who could give you a fairer, more professional appraisal which you could use in future applications?
  7. Calverlan

    Calverlan New commenter

    Thanks guys,
    Yes you are absolutely right, the thing is that I have included two other referees of academic value, with whom I had good professional relationships. However, at interview it did happen that the interviewing panel explicitly asked for the Head of my previous school, no way around it alas. I was there 5 years. Probably his comments had a heavier impact than my latest Head. This fu.. up a great job I was pretty much already guaranteed at interview. The moment they phoned him up, I knew he was going to put me down. Thats the nature of certain people, and you, as a teacher, are always put below what other people think of you.
    I wont give up, I have changed referees, wont mention his name again even under torture! The assistant head will be just as good for a reference.


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