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Alpha stim for low mood.

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by Whiskas, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. Whiskas

    Whiskas New commenter

    As I mentioned elsewhere I have splashed out and arm and a leg (and possibly a kidney) on this tidy piece of kit. It connects to your earlobes via electrodes and pulses an alpha-wave current through your brain. Lots of evidence (medical and independent) of it working to squish anxiety, depression and insomnia. My sister has been using one for 2 years and it has helped her low mood and nerve pain immensely.

    So; here's a thread on which I will chart my experiences.
    Yesterday I put the whole kit together, attached electrode clips to ears and adjusted the controls (you adjust the voltage until you feel a little seasick, then turn it down a notch).
    I think I was a bit ambitious; I was on 2 miliamps (or whetever) and still felt a bit swimmy. Kept it on for 40m.
    At bedtime I felt very relaxed and tired but just couldn't quite drop off. Took me about an hour to do so, and them I slept deeply. Like falling down a black hole. This morning I have had a couple of episodes of mild disassociation. I will try it at 1 milliamp tonight, but perhaps for a little longer.

    I do feel generally more positive, but tired and a little anxious.

    More later in the week!
  2. 7eleven

    7eleven Senior commenter

    Sounds interesting.
  3. Whiskas

    Whiskas New commenter

    Report after 2 weeks' use:

    Generally my underlying mood is brighter. I am using the machine on a fairly low level (about 1.5 milliamps) for 50 minutes in the evenings. I'm finding a little paradoxical insomnia happening (the machine is supposed to help with insomnia but I didn't have that; I was using it for persistent low mood) but I do sleep well once I drop off. As a side effect I have very vivid dreams.
    Is it worth it? I'm thinking more clearly, and as I said, I'm generally more cheerful. So at the moment, yes. I'll drop back here every so often and give a progress report, as much for myself as for anybody else who is interested.

    For me this is admitting I needed help with persistent low mood but didn't want to take A/Ds; previous excursions into CBT and hypnotherapy have only had a temporary or limited effect.
    sparkleghirl likes this.
  4. sparkleghirl

    sparkleghirl Star commenter

    Yes, please do keep on with the updates. It sounds fascinating.

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