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Allotment advice needed

Discussion in 'Personal' started by harsh-but-fair, May 29, 2011.

  1. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Star commenter

    Airy wins this week's top advice prize.


  2. NellyFUF

    NellyFUF Lead commenter

    Airy is right but I can't take that advice. I dodge around all over doing a bit of this and bit of that.
    But after watering yesterday and rain hooray overnight, I can see seedlings emerging. Hooray. Might be pumpkins or courgettes. And beans I have beans. And peas, little nibbled peas. And things that look like some kind of brassica. Could this be the purple sprouting broccoli?
    So I went to BandQ in Bradford and all the plants were wind damaged. So I bought some of them thinking they might survive the climate. Beanlings, Pealings and sproutlings. I watered all afternoon and weeded the potatoes and then dug out another rough bed, 3 foot by 15 foot for the shallots that I found 75% off in the Poundshop. Buried those in the new bed. Dug another bed for the sprouts. Might all end in tears but the ground is getting dug. Also bought flowers and planted those too. Pure joy. The sun the wind and the giant adult sandpit. And also until about 5 o'clock, totally totally alone. Tomorrow the end allotment, turn over rough beds and sack up more rough grass. Trample down blackberries. Watering can spray in the sunlight like jewels sparkling and the wind and the sun.
    One woman and her Chillington Hoe.
  3. NellyFUF

    NellyFUF Lead commenter

    it's teaching wots done this to me, I used to crochet......
  4. I found the lightweight black weed control fabric totally useless unless you cover it thickly with bark (or, cheaper, wood chips) -it literally disintegrated in the sunlight and tore to shreds in the wind in less than six weeks!
    So make sure you get thicker, light-resistant stuff.
    Planting things in slight hollows helps catch any rain before it runs away, and makes watering more efficient, too.
  5. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    When digging up the rough grass there's no need to bag it. Use shears or a sharp knife to cut down the grass (compost the cuttings), then dig up sections of turf and upturn them. Make a mound of upturned turf and it will rot down and be usable soil in the autumn or next spring.

  6. One way I got weak little seedlings to flourish was to give each one a mini-greenhouse made of the top half of a 2L pop bottle, secured by a stick stuck in the ground going up through the neck of the bottle. Keeps damp, nice and warm, safe from late frosts and b........ pigeons. Oh, and a couple of slug pellets dropped through occasionally (they last longer out of the rain, too).
    It will make your plot look as if it has been invaded by a horde of mini-aliens, but works a treat!
  7. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    ok here we go
    1. you dont have to dig if you can regularly apply top mulches and manure.this is called a no dig method and save the back and feet..i use it on some of my plots to save time and it works. You must not walk on the beds so if you use this method you need to be able to reach the middle from either side..the worms do the work for you.....
    2.raised beds..use the decking boards to make a 6 inch high one.its quicker, quite cheap and will last 2 seasons/Just screw them together.fil them with old potting compost out of pots and baskets.
    3 soil conditiion.we all have dryness and the dust .mine is like solid rock/yet there are answers. you need to top cover...plant toms through holes in weed fabric....or cover with well wetted straw ot even omanure. seeds need lots of water so water the soil well befor you sow and dig out the hole and pooe water down them before you plant anything in it..then put stuff around the plant to retain the moisture in the soil. just make sure you put slug pellets around the plant i if they are likely to be eaten.use cutt tops of non fowering nettles to mulch but beware grass asit tends to heat up i the heat.
    3. Bird damage can be averted with cotton on sticks..pondland bean netting spread as a cage over the plants. scary tapes which flash and glitter in the wind..i have also used old cd's and video tape.and a scarcrow that moves.
    4.manure..can you find a local man who wil deliver,.or a farm selling well rotted stuff. i have one who sells really well rotted manure for £1.20 A BAG!,,really great stuff and cheaper than B&Q! A good rotted manure shsouldnt have much smell s o youcould put it in the car!
    See of neighbours have chickens and ask for thier poo,,,but be careful how you use it.
    for feeding......hang nettles in a hessian bag in water .they make a good feed and insectacide or maunure in a bag....check you dont need to dilute. loavage and comfrey also work but it can stink....excellent manusre though>
    There is a forum site for gardeners.
    they have a vegie forum with lots of local folks who have tried some ideas..
    One point though is to see what you intended to grow as some plants dont like rich food. so use rich manure wisely.
    Finally look what others are doing.......ask them for advice.....on our allotments we will share with folk if we need to and you would be suprised what ideas yo can ge simply by looking.

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