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allocated places

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by amyloux, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. I've got my interview in January, so starting to get nervous now!! anyone who's had their interview, did the staff give anything away as to how many applicants would be successful from each interview? I'm not sure how many places there is up for grabs at my university see, so I'm trying to work it out haha.
  2. StuartTooting

    StuartTooting New commenter

    All the TDA allocations can be seen at this link here. I couldn't find it on the TDA website.

  3. Thanks! Thats really useful, put my mind at rest a little for a minute, as there is more allocated places on my course than I thought there would be. But then I thought that it probaby means they get a really high amount of applicants! Good to see though, thanks :)
  4. I don't know where that information is from but I had an interview at the IoE yesterday and they said they wouldn't know their allocation until at least January.
  5. Was that for secondary? It could be because although they have allocations they still have to decide for sure and may swap places with other providers which I assume would take a lot of time.
  6. Does anyone know how the swap system works? I applied to Leicester for a History PGCE and the lists show that they only have 6 allocated spaces. I assume the chances of them swapping that course are quite high? If they did, would that mean that my application to them is void, or would I be able to apply to the institution they swap with? So confused!
  7. Is there anywhere which links place allocations from last year? I want to compare - I have an offer conditional on number of place allocations, and I want to try and get a realistic idea of my chances of success (the greater the reduction, the higher the chances of rejection...).
  8. Here's last years: http://jsavage.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Annex-A-ITT-allocations-2011-12.pdf
  9. No it was for primary. And I've had an email from them this afternoon saying the TDA and GTTR are advising them to delay making offers at this stage until they have more information about allocations. Last year they said they had to wait until February - I'm hoping we won't have to wait until then to find out.
  10. Thanks for the extra info, looks like we're still no nearer then! :-(

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