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Allergy forms in food

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by jillyo, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. We currently get all our students to complete an allergy form when they are rotated into food.
    This is in addition to an annual medical form that the school gets parents to complete at the start of every school year (which lists allergies) - this is then put into their medical section of SIMs
    The department allergy form takes up a lot of time chasing, photocopying, expense etc.
    Question - is it necessary to get students to complete a department allergy form in additional to the school form? (we do carry out tastings in all year groups)
    What do others do?

  2. In previous schools I sent a letter out to parents and left it up to them to return it.
    Now we log all the allergies from school medical register BUT there are still parents who don't seem to let the schools know so I always ask each new group verbally.
  3. We had a very simple form which first made it clear what an allergy was compared with a sensitivity/intollerance. As we had large numbers of children who are muslim and from many other non -uk backgrounds we included the option to clarify foods that could not be eaten for religious reasons on the same sheet as opposed to 'not liking' something. We then recorded the ones we got back with issues for future use in the department.
    this was also included on a letter explaining about payment which we charged £5 for the whole year's cooking ingredients at KS3 ( about 10 sessions including tastings and experiments). It made work for our technician but it meant we had less problem with kids who didn't bring ingredients.

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