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alleles, recessive and dominant, genetic diagrams- fun ideas?!

Discussion in 'Science' started by rhianrebecca, May 24, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm currently working through the AQA B2 course with my Year 10 class (set two, target grades C-E) and have reached topic B2.27 in the Longman textbook, 'Different characteristics.' The Learning Objectives for the pupils are:
    ' Explain that different forms of a gene are called alleles and that these can produce different characteristics.
    Explain what dominant and recessive alleles are.
    Interpret genetic diagrams involving dominant and recessive alleles.
    Explain Mendel's ideas about inherited factors.'

    They can be a challenging class with high levels of apathy among some pupils, and I was wondering if anyone has any fun or at least effective ideas for teaching these topics. I am going to do DNA made of sweets but I am at a loss for this topic.

    Any ideas greatly appreciated :)


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