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All those in Cairo

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by jmlweeks, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. Sorry Robby, times they are a-changing.
    You do have a time limit to complete your NQT year. AND once you start you have to complete it within two years. If you don't, your qualification will be invalid and you would have to do your ITT again to be able to teach in the UK.
    I'd agree with the others. Get NQT done first. Keep your options open. Plus, as someone said, the good schools want two years' experience. And would you want a school that didn't care if its teachers were fully qualified?
  2. Send me your info source if possible, if you don't mind that is [​IMG]
    Anyway, this is a bit of an old thread - you're bored this evening aren't you?
  3. Ah, found it.
    http://www.tda.gov.uk/teacher/nqt-induction/faqs.aspx#a2 accessed 5 mins ago

    "Is there a deadline by which newly qualified teachers (NQTs) must start and finish induction?
    No. NQTs are encouraged to start their induction as soon as possible after gaining QTS, but there is no set time limit for starting or completing induction. If significant time has elapsed between gaining QTS and starting induction, or there is a significant gap between teaching posts during the induction period, NQTs can consider undertaking refresher training."
  4. MisterMaker

    MisterMaker Occasional commenter

    ISR is for the bitter and twisted; useless to guage quality - most are written by rejects and the few positives are usually written by the school.
    Lots of schools in Cairo. Lots of jobs as it isn't a great place to be anymore.
  5. Agree with ISR comment, some things people complain about are amazing and I think some are unrealistic about working abroad. It is political situation which I think is reason for not applying at the moment but guess that can apply to a few places
  6. Any hint on the school? Lots of them in Cairo and not that many good ones...
  7. Located in Los Angeles area, GCSE on offer, 1970s
  8. Not true. I still love it here,as do many others. There is political stuff trundling along and many of the predictions are that it will get worse before it gets better. If people are starting to see Cairo as a hardship posting that's up to them. I don't find it so at all.
    Think the latest poster is asking about the school I work in and another recent poster to this thread is just about to.
    Great school, great package, but there is still no guarantee you will like it Generally, I find that people who aren't good at their jobs don't have a good time here. There are one or two exceptions to that, of course.
    If you're any good, you'll do well here.

  9. We have had some negative comments from useless bits of discarded chaff that felt they were hard done by.
    MM's comment about ISR is right. About Cairo...wrong.
  10. I really like living in Egypt too and I totally agree with FP. I'm starting there soon and have been a few times to visit and meet people. It's got a great feel and the people I have met seem lovely and professional (that will be a nice change from my current school!)
    The school has an excellent reputation in Cairo and the other teachers I know are all very envious of me starting there.
    The package is indeed very good. I've never seen a school offering accomodation like this one.
    I haven't read the ISR reviews as I'm not interested in grudges.
  11. kemevez

    kemevez Occasional commenter

    Great school. Go for it. Of the ones advertising on TES at the moment the New one with a similar name is also very good. The non-ancient one with several vacancies is ok as is Al Johnson's place. No comment of the others but not because I don't know about them. FP is more up to date than me and might put me right on some points.
  12. Hiya Kemevez,
    Has the new one with a similar name (4 letter acronym?) been around longer than the non-ancient one with several vacancies (3 letter acronym?)? Trying to determine if you're referring to the messy place or the British school whose name also goes by a 3 letter acronym. Am interested in any information regarding the latter if you have any to share.

  13. kemevez

    kemevez Occasional commenter

    5, not 4, letters you mean? One of the best schools in Cairo last time I looked. The ones I say are ok are exactly that, no more no less.
  14. Yes, I meant the one with 5 letters - thankfully I'm not a Maths teacher! And yes, I've heard it's fab but have been unable to get them to bite. As for the other place, one of the British schools in Egypt...heard anything? Feel free to pm if you'd prefer.

  15. thanks for reply
  16. This is like a quiz show! PM for info to be sure.
    I can see a situation where I recommend a school (my school) and expect to see a new colleague in September, only to find that I have sent them a couple of Kms down the road to a school riding on our reputation, similarly named and bloody awful. Meglomaniac b7tch in charge and weak management.
    I would feel awful...
  17. Alphaalpha

    Alphaalpha New commenter

    Cairo outlying areas are safe despite media downtown! I need teachers for next year. Look at John Regan's site.
  18. Some schools far outly others!
    And some (significantly) 'outpay' others... [​IMG]
  19. Alphaalpha

    Alphaalpha New commenter

    Can't deny!
  20. kemevez

    kemevez Occasional commenter

    Some outlie.

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