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ALL London June Event Sat 16th June 2012

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by HelenMyers, May 27, 2012.

  1. HelenMyers

    HelenMyers New commenter

    I do hope that you have all been saving Saturday morning 16th June 2012 for ALL London’s June Event! (that’s in 2 weeks’ time)
    We are really excited about it for several reasons:
    We have another fantastic line-up of speakers:
    two regular favourites: James Stubbs (all the way from Spain) and Rachel Hawkes (all the way from Cambridgeshire)
    a new speaker for us but an extremely well known speaker in the world of TESOL - Jeremy Harmer . so we hope that we’ll attract some TESOL friends along as well
    We are in a lovely central venue – the London School of Economics . really easy to reach . so we hope people will consider coming even if they are not London-based (please check website mid-week to get exact room location and I will post info here too)
    We have nice friendly sponsors – Vocab Express, Sanako and Network for languages(the first 100 of you get exciting pens and notepads form Network for Languages!)
    (and by the way, if anyone else out there wishes to sponsor our event and bring along publicity, please get in touch with me
    The European Commission brings along lots of freebies for us to take away and use with our classes
    We have a stand to try to encourage you to join ALL if you are not already a member
    We always appreciate meeting up with ‘regulars’ but know that we will also meet new people
    We get to wear our ALL London Committee T shirts in a range of complementary colours (!)
    And lots of other reasons.
    So please please come along … if at all possible, let us know beforehand so that we order enough refreshments.
    As always we keep costs to a minimum for you so that as many people can come come along as possible .
    The invitation is downloadable from this page:
    Please pass this invitation on to as many people as you can!
    Many thanks!
    Helen Myers
    ALL London Chair

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