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Aliens love underpants!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by MAX2012, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. Will do it will be either later tonight or tomorrow morning :)
  2. hi
    unfortunately the powerpiont is too big to attach but its basically the story on a powerpiont so all of the children could see it.
  3. http://www.aliensloveunderpants.com/ then click on downloads, another teacher at my school directed me to this for story writing this week for which we are using Aliens Love underpants!
  4. EcoLady

    EcoLady New commenter

    Oh my word! This is a favourite book in our house but I'd never dreamt that it would have its own website. My son will be delerious with delight... and I'll file it for future classes too.
  5. Hi Katy
    could you also send me the powerpoint please I have spent all day looking for it as I need it this week for my lesson.

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