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Alex Salmond on Mumsnet

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by MrsRucksack, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Alex Salmond was doing a live webchat on Mumsnet this lunchtime: a couple of people asked about the Renfrewshire situation and his response was:
    "Renfrewshire Council's proposed pilot would see an enhanced range of experiences for the non-teaching element of the day through a range of sporting, cultural and citizenship activities, which the council proposes would be through the community services division utilising culture, leisure and sports development active school staff. I expect Renfrewshire council to provide the full range of experiences which are set out in Curriculum for Excellence, and the independent evaluation will tell us whether the Council has succeeded. I also welcome the Council's commitment to involve parents at every stage of the pilot. HMIE will be actively involved in ensuring the pilot scheme is evaluated against Curriculum for Excellence principles. If HMIE's report is not satisfactory, then it will not go ahead. I would also like to reassure parents that the curriculum will continue to be delivered by fully qualified teachers."
    I'm not happy with that - views?
  2. Si N. Tiffick

    Si N. Tiffick Occasional commenter

    Seems confused- on one hand he seems to be saying that council workers will be responsible for delivering ACfE and on the other hand ACfE will be delivered by teachers. WHich is it? Do we have to deliver 100% of the curriculum in 90% of the time or are unqualified people delivering 10% of the curriculum? It has to be one or the other, surely? I think Salmond has very slopey shoulders.
  3. Dominie

    Dominie New commenter

    He's a politician! Nuff said.

    He was asked the wrong question surely? He should have been asked if children should be taught by qualified teachers or by people effectively managed and supervised by qualified teachers during the school day?
  4. halfajack

    halfajack Occasional commenter

    I heard him speak on the radio about renfrewshire a week or so ago. I'm surprised at myself for not posting about it! He made reference to the fact that visitors already work with school pupils and the difference would be we wouldn't be paying a qualified teacher to sit on a bench and watch. Cheers Alec! The man is a snake.
  5. For. Funk's. Sake: WHAT in the name of God is the "non-teaching element of the day"?? What is he talking about???
    Is it the 2.5 hours of non-contact time that is currently covered by people who are fully qualified teachers, but who will be very surprised to find that what they do is NOT teaching, even when they are, as in my school, teaching curricular subjects.
    How is it that it is suddenly okay for even the likes of the first minister to describe the 2.5 hours of McCrone time as NON-teaching time???
    Where has this crazy and dangerous idea come from, and when is someone, like HMIe, going to pack it back into the vile hole it came from? Oh wait, that would be expecting HMIe to actually DO something useful. I despair of Scottish education, I really do.
  6. What non-teaching element? Is there currently a part of the day (breaks aside) where we don't teach?
  7. Snap!
    I wonder which part of a Secondary pupil's timetable he would call "non-teaching"?
  8. Dominie

    Dominie New commenter

    Like I said above: he was asked the wrong question. If you want to put these slimy slopy shouldered politicos on the spot, you've got to ask the right question.

    As to the issue in sec schools, they'd do exactly the same thing in a hearbeat and, effectively, some LAs have already done so or announced that they will do so.

    Glasgow, I believe is planning a common Senior phase timetable for all secondary schools. West Lothian is planning something similar. That means a restriction of subject choice for the kids and less jobs for teachers. Exactly what Renfrewshire is planning.

    Anyway, they've riled the Canucks now. Be afraid. Be very afraid. It'll be Paaschendaele all over again!
  9. Hmm, like these daft "CfE" periods some schools have timetabled? I'm really worried that CfE already reduces the broad education and wide range of choice for pupils.
  10. Have we all been mugs for the last 10 years, teaching children for 25 hours a week when we could have had 2.5 hours a week "magazine time" or "nap time"? [​IMG]

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